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About Airflo Fly Lines and Poly Leaders
Only Airflo lines are made from UV resistant super tough polyurethane. There are no liquids used in the manufacture of Airflo lines and therefore last longer than PVC lines. With its dry lubricant in the outer coating Airflo lines stay cleaner than other lines and don’t require as much care as PVC lines. By cleaning your line, you help the front of the line float, and keep friction in the guides from degrading line smoothness.  Airflo lines are hardly affected by DEET and other chemicals that would normally ruin a fly line. You don’t have to worry about getting insect repellant on Airflo fly lines. Note that two hand lines experience more stress than other lines and focus stress immediately adjacent to the reinforced loop at each end of the head. After extended use a braided loop can be put onto the head to replace factory loops that show signs of wear, a common practice in Scandinavia. 

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