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Airflo Custom Cut Tips
'Like a Brick' probably best describes the sink rate of a Custom Cut Tip.  These were developed to meet the demands from steelhead and striper fishermen, but work for any specie where you have to get your fly deep in a hurry.  These 20-foot long tips are looped at each end and may be simply looped to the end of your fly line for a 20-foot depth charge.  Most anglers find that this is more than they need and make two shorter tips; such as two ten-footers or maybe an 8' and 12', or a 5' and 15' tips.  The combinations are up to you, whether seeking a certain depth or a balance with a certain rod, Custom Cut Tips can help tune your fly line to your specific needs.

CCT20-200    20ft. long/200-grains     10.0-grains per ft.      7.5" sec. sink rate
CCT20-330    20ft. long/330-grains     16.5-grains per ft.      9.5" sec. sink rate

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452162 Airflo Custom Cut Tips, CCT20-200 200-grain $23.95

452179 Airflo Custom Cut Tips, CCT20-330 330-grain $23.95

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