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M-62 M-63 M-65 Water Repellent M-66 Water Repellent M-67

Often the right organization of your flies can make a big difference in your fishing productivity. Good organization enables you to be able to identify the right fly for your angling situation quickly. Meiho Fly Boxes are structured to protect and organize your smaller flies so that you can locate them quickly.  Some of the models listed below (M-66, M660 and M-67) have a gasket in the lid for water proofing.  These boxes are advertised as water repellent. When tackle rep Dick Sagara 

introduced us to these boxes I tested them to determine what water repellent meant.  I submerged a couple of them in the sink for several minutes. They emerged completely dry inside.  It appears that they could save you a lot of hassle after a dunk in the river.  Meiho boxes are made in Japan.  They are small by American standards. However each compartment has an individual snap lid so both the top and bottom lids of each box holds flies which nearly doubles the capacity of each box.  They will appeal most to anglers who fish with small flies or anglers who likes to fish with a small collection of flies. 
The hinges and latches on these boxes are complete with metal pins which add extreme durability and smoothness of operation.
  Other nice features of Meiho boxes include labels for the bins,  adhesive magnetic tape is supplied which can be cut and added to the bottom of compartments. Rounded edge design is easy to slide into pockets on your vest, shirt or pants pocket.  All models have a hole for a lanyard.  Two models M-66 & M-67 come with long lanyards attached.  Models M-66, M-660 and M-67 have good applications for both trout and bonefish fishermen.  

Meiho M-62 Fly Boxes     2" X 4" X 1"
This very durable, minimalist box has 10 compartments with snap lids.  The slick finish and rounded corners make this box easy to pocket.  It stays securely closed by means of a heavy duty, metal pinned hinge and snapping lock. The M-62 offers extreme durability and smoothness of operation.  This box is small enough that you might carry two of them in the same shirt pocket.  Two distinctive colors for easy identification.
Item Description Price To Top
M-62 Meiho M-62, 10-compqrtment fly box, yellow $10.10
M-62L Meiho M-62L, 10-compqrtment fly box, lime green $10.10

Meiho M-63 Fly Box     2" X 4" X 1"

Slip the attached lanyard around your neck,  put this box in your shirt pocket and you have a great setup for a bonefish flat or a mountain stream. There are 9-Compartments which have individual transparent snapping lids.  The box and lanyard are traditional black color.
Item Description Price To Top
M-63 Meiho M-63 Fly Box, 9-Compartments, with lanyard, black $10.95

Meiho M-65 Fly Box    3" X 4" X 1"
This is a larger, more adaptable version of the M-63 box. It offers 11-Compartments which have individual transparent snapping lids. the largest compartment can be divided into 6 additional compartments.  This box will carry your bonefish selection and a couple of Permit flies.  Stays above the waterline in your shirt pocket and secure to your body with  the neck lanyard.
Item Description Price To Top
M-65 Meiho M-65 Fly Box, 11-Compartments, with lanyard, black $14.95

Meiho M-66 Water Relellent Fly Boxes     3" X 4" X 1"

Extremely water repellent heavy duty latch and O-ring seal.  Models M-66, M-660 and M-67 have good applications for bonefish fishermen 
where flies are small and the fly selection is small.  These boxes will also appeal to the mountain stream trout fisherman.  Once again the flies and selection are small, but the hazards to the collection getting wet and damaged is extreme, especially if wet wading.  M-66 and M-660 have 14-Compartments with individual snap lids to keep your flies secure and well organized.  Two sizes of compartments will fit flies up to #4.  
Item Description Price To Top
M-66 Meiho M-66 Water Repellent Fly Box, 14-Compartments, fluorescent orange $16.70
M-660 Meiho M-660 Water Repellent Fly Box14-Compartments, dark blue $16.70

Meiho M-67 Water Repellent Fly Box     3" X 4" X 1"
This has to be a great box for an angler who is fishing bonefish on flats which have normal to small prey and average size fish.  In this box there are eight compartments which have snap lids.  These compartments are best sized for #8 & #10 flies.  The other side has one large compartment which can be divided into up to 8 compartments which are covered with one large snap lid.  These compartments can be configured to hold size #2, #4 & #6 flies.  This box is camo-colored for flats fishing.
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M-67 Meiho M-67 Water Repellent Fly Box, 8-Compartments, plus moveable dividers, transparent blue $16.70

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