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C & FC&F Design Threader and Compartment Fly Boxes, in stock - $50 orders ship free in USA.

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Threader Boxes Compartmented Boxes
The new way to faster fishing.
Another great C&F innovation, the threader makes threading eyes easier than ever, and C&F threader boxes are specially designed to hold all your threaders and flies. Each box features a foam rack that holds the threaders in place for fast access. Boxes also feature large white faces that make working with small flies extra easy.
  C&F Design fly boxes are the only ones in the world with   Micro-Slit Foam the best way ever to store your flies. Look for this symbol designating the products that feature this revolutionary design.

CF101 Micro-Slit Foam Threader Box
The custom design not only holds threaders, it makes working with small flies easier than ever.
  One side with 5 rows of Micro-Slit foam.
  The other side holds 6 standard-size threaders in 
  a custom-fit foam rack.
  6 standard-size threaders included.
  White face facilitates working with small flies.
  4.88" x 3.70" x 1.25"


Item Description Model Price To Top
CF-101  C&F, Standard Size Threader Box, Dk. Gray  CF101-53 $40.95

CF1307 16-Compartment Box
Added versatility for conveniently storing all kinds of flies in roomy individual compartments.
  Double-side storage with 8 compartments on each side.
  Roomy compartments.
  Magnetic swing leaf.
  Color: Off-white.
  4.88" x 3.70" x 1.25"

Item Description Model Price To Top
CF-1307 S. A., C&F, Double Sided Compartments Box, Off-White CF1307-65 $27.95

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