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Uni Yarn  
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Uni Yarn, Spooled
A high quality, fine diameter 2–strand twisted acrylic fly tying yarn, in steelhead/salmon colors. Ties beautiful sparse dressed flies. Provides accents to other body materials. Easy to work with. Spools make for easy storage. To bring out the vibrant color of the yarn, we suggest under wrapping with a layer of flat silver Mylar tinsel. This is especially important with light or bright colors, but even purple is brighter when wrapped over silver Mylar.

This fly is tied with Uni Yarn for the butt...
Uni Yarn
Item Description Color Price To Top
UYE11 Uni Yarn, Spooled, Black   $2.10

UYE54 Uni Yarn, Spooled, Chartreuse   $2.10

UYE137 Uni Yarn, Spooled, Fl. Orange   $2.10

UYE214 Uni Yarn, Spooled, Light Pink   $2.10

UYE298 Uni Yarn, Spooled, Purple   $2.10

UYE310 Uni Yarn, Spooled, Red   $2.10

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