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Lead Free Wire Lead Wire UTC Ultra Wire  

Round Lead Free Wire, Spooled
This wire is lead-free. It is slightly stiffer than lead wire and not quite as heavy as lead wire. It does not tarnish as easy as lead. Lead-free wire is more durable than lead wire. It is a good substitute for lead wire.

Item Description Size Price To Top
LF15 Round Lead Free Wire, Spooled  .015 $4.50

LF25 Round Lead Free Wire , Spooled .025 $4.50

LF35 Round Lead Free Wire, Spooled  .035 $4.50

Lead Wire, Spooled
Lead is heavy and soft. Lead wire wraps around hook shanks easily and adds weight to a fly with tying ease.

Item Description Size Price To Top
L10 Lead Wire, Spooled .010 $3.20
L15 Lead Wire, Spooled .015 $3.20
L20 Lead Wire, Spooled .020 $3.20
L25 Lead Wire, Spooled .025 $3.20
L30 Lead Wire, Spooled .030 $3.20
L35 Lead Wire, Spooled .035 $3.20

UTC Ultra Wire
This is the wire to tie Brassies. In fact the size is called BR (Brassie). This wire also ties Copper John's, Copper Caddis Pupas and makes good ribbing on many small and medium size nymphs.

Item Description Size Price To Top
UWB11 UTC Ultra Wire, Black BR $2.00

UWB40 UTC Ultra Wire, Brown BR $2.00

UWB54 UTC Ultra Wire, Chartreuse BR $3.00

UWB67 UTC Ultra Wire, Copper BR $2.00

UWB153 UTC Ultra Wire, Gold BR $3.00

UWB169 UTC Ultra Wire, Green BR $2.00

UWB263 UTC Ultra Wire, Olive BR $2.00

UWB310 UTC Ultra Wire, Red BR $2.00

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