Wings and Things

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Wings & Things
Spirit River's unique, patented fly film is ideal for all types of wings as well as shellbacks, thoraxes, and nymph backs. The material comes in approx. 60" strips, complete with tying instructions.

Item Description Color Price To Top
WNT-106 Wings & Things, Mottled Black   $5.05
WNT-108 Wings & Things, Mottled Brown   $5.05
WNT-109 Wings & Things, Mottled Dark Dun   $5.05
WNT-110 Wings & Things, Mottled Light Blue Dun   $5.05
WNT-111 Wings & Things, Mottled Tan   $5.05
WNT-112 Wings & Things, Mottled Hopper Yellow   $5.05

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