Whiting Spey Hackle

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Whiting Spey Hackle
Whiting Spey Hackle is in extremely short supply and limited to stock on hand.
Call for available colors and grades before ordering.
Most colors are unavailable until further notice.
Whiting Spey Hackle

Spey and Dee flies demand a unique type of feather to create their swept back profiles and flowing movement in swift water. Initially “Spey Cock” feathers from special roosters of the Spey River Valley in Scotland; from which both fly and chicken derived their name, provided ideal feathers to tie Spey and Dee flies. But the already obscure Spey Cock stock dwindled into oblivion in the early 20th century, or at least their numbers became insufficient to perpetuate this specific line of fowl. Furthermore, the use of feathers from various European and Asian Heron species came into vogue in Spey, Dee and other Salmon flies, de-emphasizing the use of Spey Cock feathers which probably also contributed to their demise. With the advent of legal protection of Heron species, especially in North America, the search for suitable substitutes for Heron feathers led to a number of other species and types of feathers being tried. Particular Heron substitutes have included rooster schlappen, Ring-Necked Pheasant and Blue Eared Pheasant “rump” (saddle) feathers, bleached goose shoulder and various

duck flank feathers. All these substitutes have been used with varying success and are in themselves a testament to the ingenuity and creativity of Spey fly tiers. But what worked best; Spey Cock and Heron, was what was actually sought, not the substitute. With Heron feathers illegal to use, and Spey Cock essentially extinct, and their various substitutes being just that - substitutes, Whiting Farms set out to create feathers for Spey, Dee and Salmon flies on a chicken that were not only as good as Heron or Spey Cock, but hopefully superior. So in the mid 1990’s Tom Whiting, founder and owner of Whiting Farms, embarked on creating a unique line of fowl good enough to completely replace, and hopefully even improve upon, Heron and Spey Cock feathers. Instigating a number of genetic avenues, development proceeded towards a “genetic” Spey Hackle, which then became available after about 5 years of initial selection work. Feather characteristics sought included long, substantial barbs, absence of any webbing between the barbs, non brittleness of the entire feather and excellent density for good value. In addition to a pure white, which is ideal for dying, an array of other color and pattern genes were incorporated into this “genetic” Spey hackle stock. Thus new and unusual feather colors and patterns would be available to encourage the inherent creativity of fly tiers. - Copied from: Whiting Farms web site.-
A very wide range of feather sizes will also be available from these “genetic” Spey hackle chickens, thus allowing an even wider range of fly sizes to be tied. These are big necks that contain many-hundreds of premium hackles. Whiting Spey Hackle is unavailable until further notice !!!

Item Description Color Price To Top
61201008 Whiting Silver Grade Spey Hackle Neck, Black   Unavailable
61201023 Whiting Silver Grade Spey Hackle Neck, Heron Gray   Unavailable
61201202 Whiting Silver Grade Spey Hackle Neck, Pale Orange   Unavailable
61201251 Whiting Silver Grade Spey Hackle Neck, Orange   Unavailable
61201253 Whiting Silver Grade Spey Hackle Neck, Pink   Unavailable
61201254 Whiting Silver Grade Spey Hackle Neck, Purple   Unavailable
61201257 Whiting Silver Grade Spey Hackle Neck, Silver Doctor Blue   Unavailable
61201266 Whiting Silver Grade Spey Hackle Neck, Claret   Unavailable

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