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Wasatch fly tying tools are made in the United States. They are unconditionally guaranteed for the owners lifetime. The wood used in these products is a cocobolo substitute made from compressed, then dyed birch. This process provides a material that can't be distinguished from the real central American variety, but won't darken with age and is very very strong. Real cocobolo is considered endangered. Last year Wasatch won the 2006 Lee Wulff Award given by the Federation of Fly Fishers. This world wide award is given to the one company each year that has contributed the most to our sport. Past winners include Orvis, 3M, Patagonia and other biggys! This is the superior line of fly tying hand tools available available today, and we are proud to offer them at The Fly Fishing Shop!

Wasatch Mitch's Bobbin Whirler

Wasatch Wood Trim Saltwater Bobbin

Wasatch Wood Trim Standard Bobbin

Wasatch Wood Trim Mini Bobbin

Wasatch Ceramic Tube Micro Bobbin

Wasatch Fly Eye Paint Tools

Wasatch Bobbing Threader

Wasatch Head Cement Applicator

Wasatch Bodkin

Wasatch Thread Splitter Bodkin

Wasatch Burnishing Tool

Wasatch Revolving Hackle Pliers

Wasatch Turbo Dubbing Whirler

Wasatch Shepard's Hook Turbo Whirler

Wasatch Dubbing Brush

Wasatch Dubbing Picker

Wasatch Bullet Head Set

Wasatch Fly Tying Hook Cup

Wasatch Fur Rake

Wasatch Fly Tying Comb

Wasatch Standard Whip Finisher

Wasatch Extended Whip Finisher


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