Renzetti Tube Fly Vise

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  • C-Clamp or pedestal base
  • Adjustable bobbin cradle
  • Adjustable rotary tension
  • Case hardened steel jaws

Full one year warranty

This rotary tube fly vise is very easy to use, will handle tubes up to 4 inches long, and comes with a 1/16 inch diameter mandrel. The vise also has a rotary locking knob conveniently placed and yet out of the way. Lifetime warranty against defects in workmanship and material. (Does not cover normal wear and tear.)
The Renzetti tube fly vise comes in three models. The T1001 will fit all Traveler vise systems.

Part No. Price
Tube Vise Head Only, with 1/16" mandrel only T1001 $79.95
Tube Vise with C-Clamp, with 1/16" mandrel only T1002 $114.95
Tube Vise with Pedestal Base, with 1/16" mandrel only T1003 $114.95
1/32" Mandrel Set X8036 $19.95
1/8" Mandrel Set X8041 $19.95
1/16" Mandrel Set X8034 $19.95

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