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Traveler Vise Clouser Traveler Vise

The Traveler Vise is a true rotary vise which will handle all hooks from #28 to #4/0 with exceptional gripping power. The Traveler is ideal for taking on trips or to the stream since the C-clamp model only weighs 8 ounces. Many excellent fly tiers use a Traveler as their "only" vise. Novice as well as the experienced tiers will find this vise highly functional and of excellent quality.  True rotary, which means that the hook may be rotated 360 degrees while the shank remains in the same plane. The version of this vise designed by Bob Clouser is used to assemble flies that are tied with the hook inverted toward the wing, such as many bonefish flies.

NEW! 2200 Series Traveler
This handsome new addition to the Renzetti product line offers you the great features of the proven Traveler Series, but with incremental improvements, such as a longer lasting finish, and a 7 inch stem for the added comfort of a higher tying plane. The Traveler 2200 Series has a clear and black industrial grade anodized finish which makes every piece of each vise harder and more rigid. Standard features are a bobbin cradle, case hardened cam jaws, rotary tension screw, and black powder coated base or c-clamp. Features and functions mimic much more expensive vises. Please specify right or left. Hook range #28 to 4/0

Item Description Price To Top
C2203R Renzetti Traveler Vise, Pedestal Model, Right Hand $199.95

C2203L Renzetti Traveler Vise, Pedestal Model, Left Hand $199.95

C2202R Renzetti Traveler Vise, C-Clamp Model, Right Hand $199.95

C2202L Renzetti Traveler Vise, C-Clamp Model, Left Hand $199.95

The Clouser Traveler
Bob Clouser is one of the most celebrated names in fly fishing and we are proud to offer a series of vises specially designed for tying his famed Clouser Minnow. The inline design can also facilitate the tying of any long streamer patterns. This unique design helps with the proper placement of material, both above and below the hook shank, which is critical for achieving the proper silhouettes and profiles these patterns require. This vise really pays for itself when tying any fly with a wing that rises toward the point of an inverted hook, such as most bonefish flies. With the exception of the rotary (rotating) shaft, the Clouser Series offers the same features as the Traveler Series. Pedestal base comes with pockets to hold eyes, beads, hooks, etc. Cannot be used with cam-lever jaws.

Item Description Price To Top
C2100 Renzetti Clouser Traveler Vise, Vise Head Only $159.95

C2103 Renzetti Clouser Traveler Vise, Pedestal Model $204.95

C2102 Renzetti Clouser Traveler Vise, C-Clamp Model $204.95

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