Renzetti Presentation 2000 Vise

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  • True 360 degree rotation

  • Adjustable rotary tension and lock

  • Anticorrosion coated jaws

  • Lever operated jaws

  • Rotary actuator

  • Material clip

  • Adjustable bobbin cradle

    FOR HOOKS 28 TO 4/0

The Presentation 2000 is the latest addition to the Renzetti line. It won the Ka-Ching Award at the 2006 Fly Fishing Retailer World Trade Expo.

The Presentation 2000 features the jaw assembly of a Presentation 4000 Vise and the patented hinged rotary head shaft of the Mater Vise.  This gives it extreme versatility.  It will hold hooks from size-28 to size-4/0. This covers 99% of most freshwater and saltwater fly tying applications.  Military spec anticorrosion finish protects the steel jaws. All aluminum parts are protected with non-glare industrial grade anodizing.  The Presentation 2000 comes with a standard heavy pedestal base or C-Clamp.  Like all true rotary Renzetti vises a bobbin cradle is included.  But, the Presentation also has features found only on their most expensive Master Vise, such as a ratchet rotary actuator and hinged head shaft.
I have owned and tied with a Master Vise for about 20-years.  It has tied thousands of flies, is all original and has functioned perfectly.  Current price on a Master Vise is $649.95.  Current suggested retail price for the Presentation 2000 is $299.95, less than half the cost of a Master.  I decided to try a Presentation 2000 and see if it was equal in delivering practical fly ting performance.
Visual comparison reveals that the Master Vise is much heavier built than the Presentation 2000.  It will accept hooks to size-10/0; a feature that is of interest only to tiers of massive blue-water flies. The Mater Vise does give the feeling of more rigidity, because it is constructed of larger parts, yet the 2000 Vise holds a hook just as securely.  As long as all the screws were tightened properly in the 2000, it seemed to be as good at holding a fly steady as the Master.  Rotary functions are exactly the same.  Will your new Presentation 2000 Vise be as functional over the next 20-years as my Master Vise has proven to be? Only time will tell.  If I needed a new vise, I might be temped to find out.

My initial test was a winter steelhead fly tied on a 25mm Waddington Shank. 

Waddington Shanks are a good test for a fly tying vise because the are difficult to hold.

Waddington Shanks are clamped in horizontal rather than vertical vise jaws.

True rotary tying is easily accomplished with the Renzetti Presentation Vise.

The Presentation 2000 Vise is a graceful, agile tool, which gives you access to all parts of the fly.

Made in the USA

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P2002R Renzetti Presentation 2000 Vise C-Clamp Model, RIGHT HAND $309.95
P2002L Renzetti Presentation 2000 Vise C-Clamp Model, LEFT HAND $309.95
P2004R Renzetti Presentation 2000 Vise Pedestal Base Model, RIGHT HAND $309.95
P2004L Renzetti Presentation 2000 Vise Pedestal Base Model, LEFT HAND $309.95

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