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Renzetti Accessories and Attachments 
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C-Clamps C-Clamps
These rugged fully machined C-Clamp & vise stem sets are precisely made for one purpose; that is to hold the vise securely to the table.
Description Part No. Price
A C-Clamp - All Traveler & Tube Series X8000 $49.95
B Standard C-Clamp - Presentations Series X8001 $99.95
C Saltwater C-Clamp: Required for Extended Body Attachment. For Presentations & Master's Series. X8002 $139.95

Pedestal Bases
These heavy Pedestal Base and vise stem sets are non-skid & non-glare.
Description Part No. Price
D Pedestal Base - All Traveler & Tube Series 7" Stem X8112 $54.95
E Standard Pedestal Base - Presentations Series X8101 $110.95
F Saltwater Pedestal Base: Required for Extended Body Attachment. For Presentations & Master's Series. X8005 $149.95

Stems Stems
The stems are used to replace your existing stem on your C-Clamp or Pedestal Base. Only for Tube or Traveler Series Vises.
Description Part No. Price
G 7" Stem X8108 $19.95
H 9" Stem X8109 $19.95

Stem Extensions Stem Extensions
Stem Extensions are used to extend the length of your existing stem. Only to be used with the standard or saltwater C-Clamp or the standard or saltwater Pedestal Base.
Description Part No. Price
I 3" Stem Extension X8016 $14.95
J 6" Stem Extension X8017 $21.95

Clouser Minnow Arm
The Clouser Minnow Arm is designed for the tying of long streamers with the proper material distribution. Your existing set of jaws can be used or additional sets are available.

Description Part No. Price
L Clouser Minnow Arm - Saltwater Traveler X8040 $29.95
M Clouser Minnow Arm - Presentation 4000 Series X8027 $74.95
N Clouser Minnow Arm - Master's X8028 $59.95



Description Part No. Price
Parachute Attachment: Totally adjustable & ample room for roping of thread. All vises. X8007 $45.95
Extended Body Attachment: Primarily used to tie on several bodies onto a length of monofilament. The mono is stretched between the jaws and the ball bearing outrigger allowing full rotary capabilities. This eliminates most hand roping of material and thread. To be used with the Saltwater Base or Saltwater Clamp. X8009 $74.95
Spinning Attachment: Allows spinning of the vise with finger tips or the palm of the hand. Presentation Vises manufactured after 1990 & Master's Series. X8010 $25.95
Spinning Attachment: For all Travelers Series. X8037 $11.95
Au Sable Speed Crank: Ideal for all flies requiring a lot of thread and/or material wrapping. It allows complete control of rotation of the hook. It comes with a 2:1 gearing. Presentation Series manufactured after 1990 & Master's Series. Additional gears available. X8011 $164.95
C-Clamp Lap Extension: Allows position of the vise over your lap and is totally adjustable. For C-Clamp models only. X8015 $109.95
Bobbin Cradle: Used to support the Bobbin thread while rotary tying. (standard on all Travelers) X8110 $49.95
Bobbin Cradle: Standard on all Presentations and Master's Series. X8020 $59.95
Conversion from P4000/P3000 to P3000/P4000. Using your existing rotary adjustment convert your existing Presentation 4000 Series to a Presentation 3000 Series or vice versa. (not shown) X8018 $154.95

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