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Inex Series Medallion Series Revolution Series Bronze Base

Because fly fishing targets species from small trout to large bill fish, it is difficult at best to actually build one set of vise jaws to cover it all. However, each and every Regal vise gives the tier a large range of hook size versatility in each tying head.

Most trout fishing requires hooks from size 22 to 3. It’s basic. The food sources are midges, may flies, caddis flies, stone flies and bait fish; which are fished both sub-surface and surface. These food sources almost never fall out of the range of hook sizes 22 to 3. In those rare circumstances where you may need to tie as small as size 32 or bigger than a size three streamer, we still have a set of jaws to do the job and meet the tying range.

On the other hand, big saltwater species require big baits; flies with hooks from 1/0 to 4/0 are not uncommon. The descriptions listed are intended to help you with your decision on which vise to purchase. As you diversify your fishing, you may want to consider purchasing an additional head and jaw assembly to meet the challenges of tying the flies for your targeted quarry. Regal sells head and jaw assemblies as a separate accessory to help accommodate you in your fly tying needs.

Regal Inex Series Vise

If you are a fly tying beginner, or just looking for a moderately priced, basic tying vise, the Regal INEX Vise was designed to fill that need without compromising quality. It features the traditional Regal head and jaws, and is fitted to a non-rotating stem with a basic C-clamp. The vise fits hook sizes from 22 to 1/0.

This vise is the most functional “price point” vise on the market. As an entry level vise, it does not sacrifice the most important aspect of a quality fly tying vise, the ability to grip a hook well.

It also incorporates the hook range found in all of the Regal Vises and needs no adjusting to do so.

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FHC-0 Regal Inex Head with C-clamp $150.00

Regal Medallion Traditional

Item Description Price To Top
RCR-4 Regal Medallion C-clamp with Traditional Head $175.00

Regal Medallion Series Vise

The performance of our vises lies in the unique design of our head and jaws which consistently hold the hook in place better than any of the competitive vises on the market, and allows for immediate change in hook sizes with absolutely no adjustments. This saves time and frustration and the tier can meet the demands of the next fishing outing in one tying session. Tie a dozen midges, nymphs, dry flies and streamers all in one sitting with no hassle to adjust the jaws. Simply sit down and tie what you need to fish. “Each Regal Medallion Series Vise rotates 360 degrees and pivots 220 degrees up and down.”
Item Description Price To Top
RPBM-8T Regal Medallion Midge Head & Bronze Pocket Base $275.00

Regal Medallion Traditional

Item Description Price To Top
RCM-2 Regal Medallion C-clamp with Midge Head $175.00

Regal Revolution Series Vise

The newest addition to the medallion series is the Regal Revolution. This is a true center spin, free spinning vise. The Regal Revolution features the “bull dog” jaws found on all Regal vises but also incorporates a barrel housing with dual stainless steel self-lubricating ball bearings on a black oxide shaft. This vise is built for speed when wrapping materials like chenille or feathers in flies such as wooly buggers.
Item Description Price To Top
200-10P Regal Revolution Trditional Head Recolution wuth Bronze Pocket Base $425.00

Regal Revolution C-clamp

Item Description Price To Top
200-RCR Regal Revolution C-clamp with Traditional Head Revolution $325.00

Regal Traditional Bronze Base

Item Description Price To Top
TB Regal Traditional Bronze Base $125.00

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