Dyna-King Barracuda Vise

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Dyna-King Barracuda Vise    

The Barracuda vise is a favorite with rotary tiers around the world. Dyna-King has crafted this quality vise with the finest precision construction of stainless steel. Available with pedestal or clamp base. The vise is complete with a light-weight bobbin hanger, and has a standard jaw that will accommodate hooks ranging from 24 to 10/0. A full rotary vise at a very competitive price.
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The famous Barracuda Vise comes with a new indexing indexing feature to aid in the tying of epoxy flies.  The unique system enables the vice to rotate freely and/or stay stationary at four points located on the axis of rotation.  It will allow epoxy to dry evenly without adjustments to the rotational drag.  
Barracuda and Junior Trekker Vises 
have many of the same features:
Full Rotary
Smooth Rotation
Tool Steel Jaws
Hardened cam
Rotational lock
Rotational Drag Adjustment
Forcing Cone Adjusts Tension

Dyna-King Vise Head
With Standard Jaws Installed

Dyna-King Junior Trekker Vise

The Barracuda Junior Trekker is a full rotary vise. It carries the same excellent features as the larger Barracuda in a lighter-weight, compact form. Machined with solid stainless steel and aluminum parts.  
 The vise is offered in either pedestal or clamp base and is complete with a light-weight bobbin hanger. The jaws are identical to the larger Barracuda. Weighs les than 1/2 pound without the base.
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Dyna-King vises come customary with standard jaws installed.  Midge jaw are also available.  The standard jaws have two grooves and a serrated tip to accommodate a wide range of hooks from 10/0 down to 32.  The midge jaws are flat with serrations to aid in tying hooks from 10 to 32.

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DYNABAR-P Dyna-King Barracuda Pedestal Vise
with New Indexing Feature, Bobbin hanger
DYNABAR-C Dyna-King Barracuda C-Clamp Vise
with New Indexing Feature, Bobbin hanger


Dyna-King Trekker Pedestal Vise
with Bobbin Hanger
DYNAJR-C Dyna-King Trekker C-Clamp Vise $259.00
DYNAJAW-S Dyna-King Standard Vise Jaws $75.00
DYNAJAW-M Dyna-King Midge Vise Jaws $75.00

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