Vinyl Rib

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Vinyl Rib
Translucent plastic ribbing and body material. Half round in cross section (flat one side, round the other). Soft and easy to work with. 2 sizes and 8 colors. Midge is 0.015″ diameter, medium is 0.020″.

Item Description Size Price To Top
VRS2 Vinyl Rib, Amber Midge $2.60
VRS11 Vinyl Rib, Black Midge $2.60
VRS40 Vinyl Rib, Brown Midge $2.60
VRS65 Vinyl Rib, Clear Midge $2.60
VRS169 Vinyl Rib, Green Midge $2.60
VRS263 Vinyl Rib, Olive Midge $2.60
VRS310 Vinyl Rib, Red Midge $2.60
VRS341 Vinyl Rib, Shrimp Midge $2.60
VRM2 Vinyl Rib, Amber Medium $2.60
VRM11 Vinyl Rib, Black Medium $2.60
VRM40 Vinyl Rib, Brown Medium $2.60
VRM65 Vinyl Rib, Clear Medium $2.60
VRM169 Vinyl Rib, Green Medium $2.60
VRM263 Vinyl Rib, Olive Medium $2.60
VRM310 Vinyl Rib, Red Medium $2.60
VRM341 Vinyl Rib, Shrimp Medium $2.60

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