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Tying With Unlined Brass Tubes
The single biggest advantage in tying with unlined brass tubes is that you don't have to use a small diameter, limp mandrel.   A 1/16" diameter mandrel is rigid enough to stabilize your tube while it is in the vise.  This gives the tier very good control.  The second advantage is that these brass tubes really sink.  For tying streamlined deep sinking wet flies, these tubes really get down.  

Place the brass tube on a 1/16" mandrel and tie a fly in the conventional manner.  Soft plastic hook-holder tubing is supplied in the package.  Cut a 5/8" piece of this tubing and after the fly is tied and after the mandrel has been 
removed, slip the hook-holder tubing over the rear end of the tube.  You may have to wet the tube to get the hook-holder tubing to fit over the tube.  If the tube is inserted about 3/16" into the hook-holder, the hook-holder will stay in place without glue or thread wraps.  If a body is wrapped over the bare tube, remember to leave 3/16' of the rear of the tube exposed for attaching the hook-holder.  

To deploy the fly, insert your leader tippet through the tube fly from the front and out the back.  Tie on your hook and slide the knot and eye of the hook into the soft plastic hook holder.  This will keep the hook lined up with the fly for secure hook-ups and reduce tangles while casting.

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