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Oval Tinsel Holographic
Diamond Braid Flat Mylar

Lagartun French Oval Tinsel Large


Item Description Color Price To Top
OL153 Lagartun Oval Tinsel, Large Gold $10.00
OL344 Lagartun Oval Tinsel Large Silver $10.00
OM153 Lagartun Oval Tinsel Medium Gold $9.20
OM344 Lagartun Oval Tinsel Medium Silver $9.20
OF153 Lagartun Oval Tinsel Fine Gold $6.40
OF344 Lagartun Oval Tinsel Fine Silver $6.40
OXF153 Lagartun Oval Tinsel X-Fine Gold $6.95
OXF344 Lagartun Oval Tinsel X-Fine Silver $6.95

Holographic Flat Tinsel

Item Description Size Price To Top
HFTM153 Holographic Flat Tinsel, Gold 14 $1.60

HFTM344 Holographic Flat Tinsel, Silver 14 $1.60

Flat Mylar Gold/Silver Tinsel
One side gold, the other side silver.

Item Description Size Price To Top
FMFE Flat Mylar Gold/Silver Tinsel Fine 16-18 $2.00

FMFS Flat Mylar Gold/Silver Tinsel Small 14 $2.00

FMFM Flat Mylar Gold/Silver Tinsel Medium 12 $2.00

FMFL Flat Mylar Gold/Silver Tinsel Large 10 $2.00

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