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Turkey Marabou, Strung, dyed over white
Marabou is turkey underwear.  When wrapped on a hook or a tube and submerged in flowing water, marabou has the ability to move and impart life like no other known material. 
Strung Marabou Spey Blood Quill Marabou  
This buck steelhead ate a 5" long marabou fly tied on a Waddington shank...

Big steelhead flies such as the one pictured above require special marabou. The Spey Blood Quills are the finest material we have seen for these kinds of flies.

Large Turkey Marabou, Strung, dyed over white, 4", 1/4 oz.
Marabou comes in several configurations in each package.  There is Marabou with short stiff stems and short, fluffy fibers.  This kind of marabou works great for Leeches and Wooly Buggers or or any application where the plumage doesn't need to be wrapped around a hook.  About 1/4 of the feathers have long fibers and fine stems. This kind of marabou works best for medium size Alaskabous, Marabou Speys and Marabou Tube Flies.  Fine stemmed marabou can be wound on the tube or hook like a hackle. 
Item Description Color Price To Top
MSM 001 Strung Marabou, Black   $3.50
MSM 003 Strung Marabou, Dark Brown   $3.50
MSM 006 Strung Marabou, Light Rust   $3.50
MSM 031 Strung Marabou, Dark Olive   $3.50
MSM 034 Strung Marabou, Damsel Olive   $3.50
MSM 052 Strung Marabou, Medium Dun   $3.50
MSM 075 Strung Marabou, Lemon Yellow   $3.50
MSM 080 Strung Marabou, Fluorenscent Bubble Gum   $3.50
MSM 084 Strung Marabou, Ginger   $3.50
MSM 091 Strung Marabou, Purple   $3.50
MSM 092 Strung Marabou, Maroon   $3.50
MSM 096 Strung Marabou, Kingfisher Blue   $3.50
MSM 101 Strung Marabou, Lavender   $3.50
MSM 121 Strung Marabou, Fluorescent Flame Red   $3.50
MSM 122 Strung Marabou, Hot Red   $3.50
MSM 125 Strung Marabou, Fluorescent Chartreuse   $3.50
MSM 130 Strung Marabou, Fluorescent White   $3.50
MSM 131 Strung Marabou, Fluorescent Orange   $3.50
MSM 135 Strung Marabou, Fluorescent Shrimp Pink   $3.50
MSM 141 Strung Marabou, Royal Blue   $3.50
MSM 150 Strung Marabou, Hot Pink   $3.50
MSM 221 Strung Marabou, Fluorescent Light Flame   $3.50
MSM 296 Strung Marabou, Fluorescent Blue   $3.50

Spey Blood Quill Marabou, 5", 1/4 oz.
Rob Sims lands a winter steelhead with a marabou tube fly...
Nearly every feather has over 3" of fine stemmed Spey Hackle. This kind of marabou works best for large Alaskabous, Marabou Speys and Marabou Tube Flies.  Fine stemmed marabou can be wound on the tube or hook like a hackle.  Most plumes have a stem long enough for about 6-8 wraps on a hook or four wraps around a tube. This is premium material for large winter steelhead flies.
Item Description Color Price To Top
200-004S Spey Blood Quill Marabou, Chartreuse   $3.50
200-016S Spey Blood Quill Marabou, Purple   $3.50
200-030S Spey Blood Quill Marabou, Orange   $3.50
200-031S Spey Blood Quill Marabou, Red   $3.50
200-036S Spey Blood Quill Marabou, Black   $3.50
200-040S Spey Blood Quill Marabou, Apricot   $3.50
200-047S Spey Blood Quill Marabou, Silver Doctor Blue   $3.50
200-060S Spey Blood Quill Marabou, Hot Pink   $3.50

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