Squirrel Tails And Fur

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Squirrel Tails Dyed and Natural
The hair on these tails makes beautiful wing material for small streamers, steelhead and Atlantic salmon Flies. The hair is straight and finely tapered. It is solid in cross section and is very durable.  It is slick and stacks easily in a stacker.


Item Description Color Price To Top
GST123 Gray Squirrel Tail, dyed Blue   $3.20
GST145 Fox Squirrel Tail, Natural   $3.20
GST169 Gray Squirrel Tail, dyed Green   $3.20
GST242 Gray Squirrel Tail, Natural   $3.20
GST271 Gray Squirrel Tail, dyed Orange   $3.20
GST298 Gray Squirrel Tail, dyed Purple   $3.20
GST310 Gray Squirrel Tail, dyed Red   $3.20
GST383 Gray Squirrel Tail, dyed Yellow   $3.20

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