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Hot Tipped Crazy Legs Fly Enhancer Legs  

Hot Tipped Crazy Legs
Adds movement, color, and dimension to any wet fly pattern. Use these fly tying legs for streamers, bass poppers, or bunny patterns for steelhead, salmon and saltwater. Better for large flies. Colors are translucent and vibrant. This material contains flecks of reflective glitter
Item Description Color Price To Top
CLT09 Hot Tipped Crazy Legs, Black/Blue Tipped     $3.55
CLT10 Hot Tipped Crazy Legs, Black/Orange Tipped     $3.55
CLT11 Hot Tipped Crazy Legs, Black/Yellow Chartreuse Tipped     $3.55
CLT16 Hot Tipped Crazy Legs, Black/
Red Tipped
CLT23 Hot Tipped Crazy Legs, Blue/Hot Pink Tipped     $3.55
CLT131 Hot Tipped Crazy Legs, Fluorescent Fuchsia/Purple Tipped     $3.55
CLT188 Hot Tipped Crazy Legs, Hot Pink/Fl Orange Tipped     $3.55
CLT297 Hot Tipped Crazy Legs, Purple/Fl Orange Tipped     $3.55
CLT298 Hot Tipped Crazy Legs, Black/ Purple Tipped     $3.55
CLT320 Hot Tipped Crazy Legs, Root Beer/Orange Tipped     $3.55
CLT329 Hot Tipped Crazy Legs, Salmon Pink/Hot Pink Tipped     $3.55
CLT385 Hot Tipped Crazy Legs, Yellow Chartreuse/Green Tipped     $3.55
CLT386 Hot Tipped Crazy Legs, Yellow Chartreuse/Fluorescent Orange Tipped     $3.55

Fly Enhancer Legs
Fly Enhancer Legs are a very unique mix of colors that can be incorporated into an array of fly patterns, from streamers to popping bugs. These flexible silicone legs move very nicely in the water. Makse great legs, claws and antennae for all kinds of flies. Popular materials for the newest steelhead flies.
Item Description Color Price To Top
FE23 Fly Enhancer Legs, Blue/Black       $3.55
FE40 Fly Enhancer Legs, Brown/Pumpkin       $3.55
FE54 Fly Enhancer Legs, Chartreuse/Olive/Black       $3.55
FE153 Fly Enhancer Legs, Gold/Amber/Black       $3.55
FE203 Fly Enhancer Legs, Light Blue/Pumpkin       $3.55
FE263 Fly Enhancer Legs, Olive/Light Olive       $3.55
FE271 Fly Enhancer Legs, Orange/Pumpkin/Yellow       $3.55
FE289 Fly Enhancer Legs, Pink/Olive/Fluorescent Yellow       $3.55
FE298 Fly Enhancer Legs, Purple/Pumpkin       $3.55
FE377 Fly Enhancer Legs, White/Chartreuse       $3.55
FE383 Fly Enhancer Legs, Yellow/White Black Spot   :

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