Rhea Intruder Feathers

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The following was taken from April Vokey's Fly Gal web site: "To peel rhea, pinch the strands at the tip of the feather and carefully pull down. The membrane should separate from the stem with all its fibers intact.  This gets  easier with practice, but is well worth a few casualties to be able to have such a remarkable hackle, free of the bulky stem. When tying the peeled rhea onto a shank, wrap the membrane as though it were the stem of a regular feather. Some say the technique works even better if the feather is soaked in warm water prior to splitting. The first feather split easily dry following Aprils advise.

Rea Intruder Feathers are much like giant chicken hackle. If your average barn yard rooster stood six feet tall he would have neck hackles that would be similar to these rhea feathers.
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RIF63 Rhea Intruder Feather, Claret   $7.95
RIF187 Rhea Intruder Feather, Hot Orange   $7.95
RIF231 Rhea Intruder Feather, Mellow Yellow   $7.95
RIF283 Rhea Intruder Feather, Peacock Green   $7.95
RIF298 Rhea Intruder Feather, Purple   $7.95

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