Rainy's Float Foam

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Rainy's Float Foam comes in 4-colors & 4-sizes...

Rainy's FLOAT Foam is extruded round in cross section. Each strand is full of fine consistent size air bubbles for maximum flotation. The outside of each strand is smooth and soft. This material excels in producing realistic, unsinkable terrestrial insect flies, such as ants, beetles and hoppers. We have used it for years to create realistic Salmon Fly and Golden Stone Flies. Illustrated instructions for several Rainy patterns are in cluded in each package of Float Foam. See the examples below.



Item Description Size Price To Top
RFFS11 Rainy's float Foam, Black Small $6.90
RFFM11 Rainy's float Foam, Black Medium $6.90
RFFL11 Rainy's float Foam, Black Large $6.90
RFFS377 Rainy's float Foam, White Small $6.90
RFFM377 Rainy's float Foam, White Medium $6.90
RFFL377 Rainy's float Foam, White Large $6.90 Out of Stock
RFFS383 Rainy's float Foam, Yellow Small $6.90
RFFM383 Rainy's float Foam, Yellow Medium $6.90
RFFL383 Rainy's float Foam, Yellow Large $6.90
RFFM271 Rainy's float Foam, Orange Medium $6.90
RFFL271 Rainy's float Foam, Orange Large $6.90

This fly tying tip is taken from the instruction pamphlet that come in each package of
Rany's Float Foam. These are only two of the seven tips shown on the pamphlet.


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