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Quill Body
Stripped hackle stem makes some of the most realistic and durable may fly dry fly bodies yet devised. The resounding success of the 
"Quill Body Hair Wing Dun Series" of dry flies is proof enough! Quill body dry flies are deadly and beautiful to look at. We can now offer stripped (very clean and well-organized) hackle stems that are dyed six of the most useful colors for tying quill body may fly patterns.

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Quill Bodies

QB3-Blue Quill QB4-Baetis Olive QB6-Red Quill QB8-Light Cahill QB9-PMD  
Winter Baetis
Green Drake
March Brown
Item Description Price To Top
QB3 Blue Quill Quill Body $4.30
QB4 Baetis Olive Quill Body $4.30
QB6 Red Quill Quill Body $4.30
QB8 Light Cahill Quill Body $4.30
QB9 Pale Morning Dun Quill Body $4.30
QB10 Melon (Pink PMD) Quill Body $4.30

How To Tie Quill Body Dry Flies

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