Pearl Core Braid

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Pearl Core Braid
A thin pearl braid with a dyed core giving a dual color depth that will add that little extra to any fresh water or saltwater pattern. This material is adaptable to bonefish flies, bass flies, steelhead flies and trout flies. It is the material used in the popular Silvey's Bead Head Caddis. To form the caddis body melt the end of the Pearl Core Braid with a lighter, and then press the melted ends together. Be sure to wet your fingers before touching the melted material. Cinch the formed body to the hook with tying thread, then add a touch of Zap-A-Gap super glue to keep the body from rolling around the hook. This body is the perfect replica of a caddis body surrounded by the separating pupal shuck filled with air bubbles. 3-yards.

Item Description Color Price To Top
PCB11 Pearl Core Braid, Black   $3.00
PCB54 Pearl Core Braid, Chartreuse $3.00
PCB263 Pearl Core Braid, Olive   $3.00
PCB271 Pearl Core Braid, Orange   $3.00
PCB284 Pearl Core Braid, White   $3.00
PCB289 Pearl Core Braid, Pink   $3.00
PCB298 Pearl Core Braid, Purple   $3.00
PCB310 Pearl Core Braid, Red   $3.00
PCB320 Pearl Core Braid, Root Beer   $3.00
PCB369 Pearl Core Braid, Tan   $3.00
PCB383 Pearl Core Braid, Yellow   $3.00
PCB-SET Pearl Core Braid, Complete Selection, 11-colors $29.00

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