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Eye Feathers Strung Herl Sward Feathers

Indian Peacocks have been domesticated for about 3000 years. Their native range is through India, Pakistan, western China, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. The male peacock sports about 150 of the long "eyed" peacock tail feathers with which most of us are so familiar. Each of these long feathers also has a design near its tip which resembles an eye. Color in nature occurs due to two basic processes, pigmentation and structural coloring. Pigment is a substance that, like a dye,

gives color to living and inanimate objects. Peacocks get most of their color from light reflection and refraction. That is, their feathers have a structure that acts like tiny mirrors and prisms. The feathers of the peacock are composed of many colors, including Crescent sheens of bright blue and green. The shimmering color of the peacock feather is due to a phenomena known as interference. Each

feather consists of tiny flat branches. When light shines on the feather, we see thousands of glimmering colored spots, each caused by minuscule bowl-shaped indentations. As a peacock turns the feathers appear to change color because light is reflected in different spectrums. The side fibers (herl) are an important ingredient in fishing fly design. Herl incorporates many of the color changing properties of the whole feather, or the whole bird, thus producing effects obtainable with no other materials.

Peacock Eye Feathers
These feathers are the most recognizable peacock decoration and the source of the largest herl. Herl comes in many sizes on the same feather. The herl immediately below the eye is the largest and it gets smaller toward the base of the feather and around the parameter of the eye.
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PES11 Peacock Eye Feathers Whole 3 for $3.95

Peacock Strung Herl
Strung Peacock herl allows the tier to store and transport herl in a more compact package than with full feathers. Quality remains very high and selection is easy.

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SPHERL2 Peacock Strung Herl 5-7 inch $7.90

Peacock Sward Feathers
Swards have very reflective short herl used in such patterns as the Spruce and Alexandra. These feathers also make the wings in such flies as the Streaker.

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PS Peacock Sward Feathers Whole 4 for $3.00

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