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Ostrich Mini Spey Hackle is unique.  These ostrich body feathers tiny replicas of the giant tail plumes that are used to decorate hats, Intruders and Alec Jackson Ostrich Chenille fly bodies.  But, they average 3 1/2" - 4" in total length and have fluffy, water absorbent barbuals that average slightly over an inch long.  Barbuals have strong tapered shafts as do the feathers themselves.  Feather stems are strong and pliable and can be wound as collar hackle or palmered as spey type hackle.  Feathers can be wound from the tip or butt and can be wound whole or with one side stripped off.  Having this versatility gives tiers a wide range of applications for widely varied effects from densely packed to thin and wispy. Barbuals can be trimmed from the feather and applied like hair wings on standard size summer flies and the effect is like a cross between calf tail and marabou. Colors can be mixed for striking effects.  Colors are strong and vibrant.  Approximately eight feathers per package.

Item Description Color Price To Top
SP54 Ostrich-Mini-Spey-Plumes, Chartreuse   $3.55
SP187 Ostrich-Mini-Spey-Plumes, Hot Orange   $3.55
SP188 Ostrich-Mini-Spey-Plumes, Hot Pink   $3.55
SP199 Ostrich-Mini-Spey-Plumes, Kingfisher Blue   $3.55
SP298 Ostrich-Mini-Spey-Plumes, Purple   $3.55
SP310 Ostrich-Mini-Spey-Plumes, Red   $3.55

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