Barred Ostrich Plumes

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This Barred Ostrich is really primo material for Intruder flies. This is the replacement for dyed grizzly saddle hackles. Many experienced tiers, and anglers say it is even better. The bars are very fine and evenly spaced for an exquisite effect. When you see the precision coloring, you are going to say, "How did they do that?" There are about fifty large herls attached to about three inches of stem, per pack.
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BP54 Barred Ostrich Plume, Chartreuse   $5.95
BP263 Barred Ostrich Plume,
BP271 Barred Ostrich Plume,
BP298 Barred Ostrich Plume,
BP310 Barred Ostrich Plume,
BP377 Barred Ostrich Plume,

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