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Midge Bench The Spinner Pedestal Base Bead & Eye Center
Compact Bench The Gilly Thread Rack Advantages
Pedestal Partner Giraffe Bench  

Fly Tying Benches and Organizers by Oasis

Oasis Benches are part of the huge fly tying tool selection at The Fly Fishing Shop! The people at Oasis Fly Tying Benches take pride in knowing they are manufacturing the best fly tying benches in the world. Superior design, coupled with outstanding craftsmanship at fair prices gives the customer true value.
Knowing also that different tiers have different needs has inspired a variety of designs. Benches range from large to small.  Accessories cover many of the practical organizing need of many tiers.
Now you can have a place to always store 
those tools; organize your thread inventory and have different bobbins threaded and ready to use.  Speed your fly production by having a handy place to stick your feathers; trays in front to hold piles of hooks, beads or eyes; a hole for a lamp on every bench; larger benches even have a background card.  These are some of the reasons why an Oasis bench is a must for the serious fly tier. You can be set up to tie at a moments notice. Your tying station can be portable, and clean up in a snap. These are conveniences that over 7,000 satisfied Oasis customers have already discovered.         Advantages

Midge Bench
 8" x 8"  Designed for the  minimalist tier. Room for a few tools and 3 bottles/hair stacker. Cork covered front used to stick your bodkin or finished flied around the edge. Angled holes for bobbin or bodkin storage.  Carved out tray holds hooks, beads, or eyes and keeps them from getting away from you.  Small enough to fit anywhere. A great travel bench.
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OASIS-10 Oasis Midge Bench $39.00

Compact Bench
 21" x 15" x 5.5" (Top bench) Oak and walnut, 67 holes of all sizes, 50 plus spools, front carved out trays for hooks, beads or flies, felt bottom, C-clamp vice connects to front right of left walnut piece. 
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OASIS-1 Oasis Compact Bench $342.00

Pedestal Partner
16" x 10" 6.5" (lower bench) designed to be used with those who use a pedestal vice. Oak and walnut, holds 56 spools, 44 holes of all sizes, felt bottom, commonly used tools store up front and close to user.
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OASIS-2 Oasis Pedestal Partner $195.00

The Spinner
17" x 18" x 8"  When space is at a premium, the Spinner could be the answer.  The lazy susan design puts all tools, bottles, threads, and feathers at the tiers fingertips.
C-Clamp arm to attach vise, 64 holes of various sizes, 14 plastic storage jars, 12 rods hold 36 spools of thread, ripple foam sheet for storing flies, magnetic sheet for storing hooks, holes for storing tools.
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OASIS-3 Oasis The Spinner $224.00

The Gilly
19" x 16" x 4",  41 holes of all sizes, white highly non-stick work surface, holds 30 spools, comes with 4 plastic containers for beads or eyes, C-clamp attaches to front left arm.
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OASIS-4 Oasis The Gilly $224.00

Giraffe Bench
 17" x 20"  This Solid Oak Fly Tying Bench by Oasis is designed with numerous storage options.  Designed especially for the Giraffe ISO96 Series Lighting and Magnification Unit. Features: 46 holes of various sizes for tools and bottles, 26 brass rods store 60 spools of thread, 9 Storage jars with white tops to hold commonly used hooks, beads, or eyes, Large work surface area between arms, Solid felt bottom, Large magnet sheet stores hooks, razor blades, flies, Enclosed on all four sides to keep small items in.
Item Description Price To Top
OASIS-8 Oasis Giraffe Bench $280.00

Pedestal Base
Pedestal Base" 12" x 6" x 2" turns any vice into a pedestal vice. Vice hole located front left of bench. 25 holes of all sizes for tools and bottles, 3 carved out trays for hooks, beads, or flies, solid oak, rubber feet keeps it stuck to slick table top, magnet strip.
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OASIS-5 Oasis Pedestal Base $58.00

Thread Rack
stores 120 spools on 60 brass rods.
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OASIS-6 Oasis Thread Rack $42.95

Bead & Eye Center
is a handy place to store 10 of your favorite eyes or beads
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OASIS-7 Oasis Bead & Eye Center $28.00

The advantages of using an Oasis Fly Tying Bench
*Convenient-No more set up and pack away time. You are always set up and ready to tie at a moments notice. No more shoe boxes.
*Portable-You don't have to be stuck in a back room tying. Be a member of the family or even take the bench with you on a trip. Small enough to store easily when not in use.
*Variety means Flexibility-Unlike others designed benches which have a limited number and sizes of holes, Oasis Benches have a generous variety and quantity of storage holes giving the tier the individual flexibility to use the bench the way they see fit. Tools and bottles come in many different sizes.
*Organization improves Efficiency-No more searching for your scissors under piles of fur and feathers
*Superior and Unique Design-Oasis Benches have broken the mold of older style tying benches:
*Holes up front for commonly used tools
*Tapered hole entrances on smaller holes. Makes putting away your tools easier.
*Solid oak construction for superior longevity.
*Thread storage on unbreakable brass rods.
*Carved out trays up front for hooks, beads or flies.
*One hole on each bench for a swing arm light.

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