Mayfly Tails

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Mayfly Tails
Nylon micro-fibers with naturally tapered tips that look like insect tails and feelers. Treated with Water Shed for floatability. They are stiffer and more durable than hackle fibers and more consistent than guard hairs. For tails on mayfly spinners, no-hackles, thorax patterns, legs and feelers on nymphs. Several hundred fibers per pack. Easy to work with.

Item Description Color Price To Top
MT89 Mayfly Tails, Dark Dun   $2.50
MT208 Mayfly Tails, Light Dun   $2.50
MT229 Mayfly Tails, Medium Dun   $2.50
MT377 Mayfly Tails, White   $2.50
MT279 Mayfly Tails, Pale yellow   $2.50
MT369 Mayfly Tails, Tan   $2.50

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