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Marble Fox (The fur of the future)

Well, it’s no secret; most fly tiers who are really serious about their craft are always looking for that next great thing. As far as the world of fur is concerned, I know I have run the gamete from arctic fox to polar bear and everything in between with some success and some failures. Anyone who ties steelhead flies, and or any fly with a wing in the equation has looked for that long, select, tapered, fur that holds dyes well and holds up well under actual fishing condition. Finding an arctic fox tail of any length, (hair of four to five inches) is a bit like finding a gold nugget and you protect it as though it were worth the price of gold. We all know however, that this is a difficult proposition at best. Opossum and Finn Raccoon have made their way onto the scene and were the best substitute for temple dog fur that I had found yet, until now!
Marble fox comes on a medallion which, when managed properly, can facilitate twenty five to thirty five wings dependent on how full the wings are. It is a long, uniform length fur, most of which is going to range four to five inches long, I’ve seen some longer as well. It also spins well in a dubbing loop. Unlike other furs, it is a bit more course at the base, with some stiffness and stands straight out in a dubbing loop rather than becoming tangled amongst itself like furs with a very small denier tend to do. These course bases, unlike things like buck tail, are very collapsible. Therefore, when lasing a wing to a tube or shank, the hair compresses and will not pull out, with minimum thread wraps whereas things like polar bear or buck tail tend to pull out as the fibers do not collapse, they remain rigid and straight. The course base tapers to a finely tapered, durable guard fur that holds up well under all fishing conditions and holds little water making it easy to cast. Any guide likes that last fact maybe more than any other, a fly that holds a large profile, but casts like a summer steelhead fly is the best fly in the box.

          At the end of the day, fur is fur. But as I mentioned in the beginning of this article, this is the fur that serious fly tiers have been waiting for. It comes in twenty three wonderful colors, is always close at hand, and is by far the best quality fur I have used in some ten years of tying flies. The fact that it is versatile, from using the short under fur as dubbing, spinning it into loops as props, or tied in as a premium wing with ultimate movement and ease of casting, this stuff does it all. So rather, than having every color and every kind of everything, you can finally buy one fur that is long enough for wings, stiff enough for props, and soft enough to swim like it’s alive.
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10600001 Marble Fox Fur, White   $8.50
10600005 Marble Fox Fur, Black   $8.50
10600006 Marble Fox Fur, Hot Red   $8.50
10600007 Marble Fox Fur, Hot Orange   $8.50
10600009 Marble Fox Fur, Hot Cyan Blue   $8.50
10600011 Marble Fox Fur, Hot Pink   $8.50
10600012 Marble Fox Fur, Hot Purple   $8.50
10600013 Marble Fox Fur, Chartreuse   $8.50

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