Ice Dub

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Ice Dub
Unlike any other dubbing material that we are aware of, Ice Dub is a Mylar-like substance that is able to reflect and refract light in a number of unusual ways. It is super sparkly which makes it very popular for tying nymphs and emergers.  Can be used by itself or blended with other materials. In some colors it appears much like natural animal fibers.  In other colors it adopts a UV halo much like several insect species.  In still other colors Ice Dub has holographic properties like fish scales.  Ice Dub is fine textured and fairly easy to tie with. All of the colors shown below are approximate, as there is no way to show the actual three dimensional colors without using excessive load time.

Item Description Color Price To Top
ICE11 Ice Dub, UV Black   $3.00
ICE40 Ice Dub, UV Brown   $3.00
ICE49 Ice Dub, Caddis Green   $3.00
ICE54 Ice Dub, Chartreuse   $3.00
ICE61 Ice Dub, UV Cinnamon   $3.00
ICE157 Ice Dub, Golden Brown   $3.00
ICE165 Ice Dub, UV Gray   $3.00
ICE189 Ice Dub, Hot Yellow   $3.00
ICE212 Ice Dub, UV Light Olive   $3.00
ICE215 Ice Dub, UV Light Yellow   $3.00
ICE263 Ice Dub, Olive   $3.00
ICE265 Ice Dub, Olive Brown   $3.00
ICE271 Ice Dub, Orange   $3.00
ICE282 Ice Dub, Peacock   $3.00
ICE283 Ice Dub, Peacock Black   $3.00
ICE284 Ice Dub, Pearl   $3.00
ICE285 Ice Dub, UV Pearl   $3.00
ICE289 Ice Dub, Pink   $3.00
ICE298 Ice Dub, Purple   $3.00
ICE310 Ice Dub, UV Red   $3.00
ICE323 Ice Dub, Rusty Brown   $3.00
ICE343 Ice Dub, Shrimp Pink   $3.00
ICE344 Ice Dub, Silver Holographic   $3.00
ICE369 Ice Dub, Tan   $3.00
DUB23 Ice Dub, dispenser with 12 steelhead colors Dispenser II $20.50

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