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Flexament Softex
Loon Head Cement Gloss Coat Dyna-King Reservoir
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Hydro Clear Cure Goo Clear Cure Goo Curing Light Clear Cure Goo Kit
The selection and maintenance of your head cement and construction glues are critical to the durability and finish you give your flies. Head cement is often used for other parts of the fly besides the head. If you want to tie flies that will absolutely not roll on the hook, start each fly with a thin coat of cement on the bare hook shank and then make your base wraps of thread over it. Do the same when wrapping lead on a bare hook.

Conventional head cements dry and harden through evaporation. This same process occurs to the cement in the jar each time you remove the lid. Eventually the cement will thicken or even harden in the jar and become unusable. In order to maintain your cement at just the right consistency, you must periodically add some thinner.

Today head cements and fly tying construction glues come in several different chemical categories.  Principal divisions are between water-base and petroleum-base head cements that dry through evaporation, and epoxy coatings that harden through chemical reaction.  A fourth division is super-glue 'cyanoacrylates' that in fly tying, are used more for construction glues than head finish.  A fifth division are soft rubbery, flexible coatings such as silicone.

Different viscosities of cement fit different applications. Thin head cement penetrates tying materials easier than does thick head cement and is low gloss. Thicker head cements are better for hard to hold materials such as lead wire. They also build up a high gloss finish faster.

If you are an extremely detailed tier, you might have an applicator jar with  thinned head cement, and another with cement of the same viscosity that came from the manufacturer. You might also want an third applicator jar with thick head cement for quicker build-up. All three cements must be compatible, as all three cements might be used in the same fly.  For this set up, different viscosities of the same cement are best.

Most fly tiers use only one head cement and they try to keep it average viscosity by adding thinner periodically.  Be sure you have the right thinner for the cement you are using.  Adding the wrong thinner can ruin your head cement.

Hydro Clear Cure Goo
New for 2012 we are introducing the new Clear Cure Goo Hydro- Let me be clear..... HYDRO is Tack Free.

It is the most suitable tack free material on the market- It is by far the thinest material we have ever made. It has the consistency of a watery head cement. It cures in just 5 seconds, it can be used as a top coat for any of the Clear Cure goo materials, you can use it to cover any and all freshwater flies. It not only gives durability to delicate flies but gives it a lifelike translucency .

You can use instead of using head cement or lacquer to finish off all your flies.

For the Saltwater tier, you can use the Hyrdo to stiffen materials similar to what the Clear Cure Goo Brushable can to. This material is much more thin than the Brushable. You may apply it to popper heads, use it as a top coat on other Clear Cure Goo materials. You can apply a little at a time- curing as you to make a fly solely out of the Hydro material and as it is a Tack Free Product- you will not need to use a head cement, or lacquer. You wont even need to use any alcohol on it to get your tack free results.

Item Description Price To Top
CG9  Hydro Clear Cure Goo $19.95 Out of Stock
Clear Cure Goo Curing Light
This is the Clear Cure Goo Curing Light. It is a very low powered light, and is powered by 3 AAA batteries. I tied at the Somerset, Charlotte and Pleasanton Fly Fishing Shows and never had to change the batteries out.
The Clear Cure Goo Curing Light is what our materials have been created around from out very first year
NEW for 2012 we have changed the curing light from a Black Color- to an electric blue that really stands out on your tying table, so you will be able to find it quickly. The design has changes slightly, it is a little thinner, as well as a bit lighter and based on feedback customers are saying it fits better in their hand. The light also is now provided with a hanging lanyard so you can hang it on anything on your tying bench. The new curing light also features a stronger on/off clicker.

Item Description Price To Top
CG1 Clear Cure Goo Curing Light $29.95 Out of Stock
Clear Cure Goo kit

Contains everything you need to get started using Clear Cure Goo.
Clear Cure Goo Brushable Kit includes:
1- 15ml Tack Free Brush
1- 15ml Tack Free Flex
1- 15ml Brushable
1- Standard Curing Light


Item Description Price To Top
CG15 Clear Cure Goo Brushable Kit $49.95 Out of Stock

Loon Water-Based Head Cement Systemô
Water-Based Head Cement with applicator cap and needle.
1 oz.

Item Description Price To Top
F0070 Loon Water-Based Head Cement System with applicator cap and needle. $7.95

Hard As Hull
This quick-drying head cement is truly hard as hull! One application provides a durable, high-gloss finish that's perfect for steelhead, salmon & saltwater flies. Use anywhere that a hard shell finish is appropriate. Hard as Hull includes a built-in applicator brush attached to the cap.  Doesn't often require thinning.

Item Description Price To Top
HHH   Hard As Hull Fly Tying Cement $5.95

Clear, deep penetrating, quick drying, dries rubbery, the strongest bond of any evaporative head cement. Also great for coating quill wings to avoid splitting...if applied sparingly. Great for anchoring lead wire.

Item Description Price To Top
30260 Flexament Head Cement $5.45
30261  Flexament Thinner  $5.10

Gloss Coat
Lacquer base, clear, quick drying, thins with lacquer thinner, very high gloss. Can be used over Flexament.

Item Description Price To Top
30267 Gloss Coat Head Cement $3.95

Cyanoacrylates adhesive that fills gaps. Allows 7 to 10 seconds for positioning. Cures in 20 seconds. Bonds anything, even oily surfaces!  Water proof, incredibly strong in very small amounts. Used for attaching lead wire, eyes and many other applications including on-stream repairs.

Zip Kicker

Accelerate Zap-A-Gap set up time with Zip Kicker.  Zap-A-Gap sets-up instantly with kicker.


For all you ever wanted to know about
Zap-A-Gap Click Here.

Item Description Price To Top
ZAP  Zap-a-Gap Super Glue $5.10
ZAP03 Zap-a-Gap Zip Kicker, 2-ounce aerosol $8.50

Clear, equal-mix. Cures in 5 minutes. Vibration resistant formula. Durable, sandable. Excellent for furniture. 4oz


Item Description Price To Top
Z5 Z-Poxy, fly tiers epoxy $15.30

A clear, flexible coating for building up heads or bodies. It is a great replacement for epoxy because it is one part, durable, fast drying, and penetrating. Apply by dipping the fly head in the bottle and then cleaning the eye. Sets in only 3 minutes.

Item Description Price To Top
SX Softex fly tiers coating $11.95

Dyna-King Cement Reservoir and Bodkin
Never spill your head cement again! Heavy duty construction and an airtight seal formed by the tapered bodkin that prevents premature evaporation.

Item Description Price To Top
CMNTRES Dyna King Cement Reservoir and Bodkin $48.75

Renzetti Applicator Jar
One ounce, square, polished glass jar with stainless applicator needle fitted through the polyseal lid. Needle set at just the right depth. The most finely finished applicator jar we've found.

Item Description Price To Top
HT307 Renzetti Applicator Jar $8.35
RENZ4JAR Set of 4 Renzetti Applicator Jars $33.40

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