Hare's Wiggle Dub

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Hare's Wiggle Dub
This is a mix of hare's ear dubbing and micro rubber legs. This type of material was made popular by Doug Swisher. He uses this to created wiggle buggers and nymphomaniacs, two very successful Montana trout patterns. Hare's Wiggle Dub is easiest to use when twisted in a loop of thread, then picked to expose all of the rubber "legs". After the dubbing is wound on the hook, tease it again to expose all the legs and hair tips. This technique produces flies with lots of active, crawly motion.
Hare's Wiggle Dub
A fly tied with Hare's Wiggle Dub
Item Description Color Price To Top
HW157 Hare's Wiggle Dub, Golden Brown   $2.50
HW21 Hare's Wiggle Dub, Bloody Black   $2.50
HW282 Hare's Wiggle Dub, Peacock   $2.50
HW322 Hare's Wiggle Dub, Rust   $2.50
HW40 Hare's Wiggle Dub, Brown   $2.50

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