Grizzly Marabou

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Grizzly Marabou, (Sometimes called: Grizzly Chicken Marabou, or Chickabou).
This small marabou's barred appearance is ideal for matching the mottling on many aquatic trout foods. These fluffy feathers come from the extreme rear end of the chicken. The natural barring looks great on smaller wooly buggers, leeches, damsel nymphs, and mayfly nymphs. Thes feathers also are perfect for bonefish and steelhead flies. Pack are approximately 1/4 ounce.

In each package are two types of feathers that are naturally attached to each other, the down feather (marabou), and the smaller filoplume feather. Both types of feathers are useful for tying wet flies. Place fragile filoplume feathers in a dubbing loop to create mobile thoraxes on mayfly and damsel fly and dragonfly nymphs.
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GRIZM247 Grizzly Marabou, COLOR Natural Grizzly $5.00

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