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Fly Tying Material for the demanding tier!

American Opossum Fur For Tying Flag Flies Now Available!
Angel Hair Fly Tying Demos Rabbit Fur on the Hide
Antron Fly Tying Kit Rainy's Float Foam
Arctic Fox Foam Rhea Intruder Feathers
Articulated Shanks   Fox Tails and Fur   Ringneck Pheasant
Bucktail Goose Feathers Rubber Legs
Beads, Cones, Eyes Golden Pheasant Salmon Fly Rope
Biots Grizzly Marabou Scud Back
Blue Eared Pheasant   Guinea Feathers   Sculpin Helmets (Heads)
CDC Hackle Shanks, Montana
Cement Head Cements & Glues Shanks, Senyo's
Chenille Hooks Shanks, Waddington
Chicken Feathers Hungarian Partridge Silicone Legs
Calf and Goat Hair Intruder Wire Spey Hackle
Cam Sigler Popper Heads Jungle Cock, Pro HD Squirrel Tails & Fur
Craft Fur Lady Amherst's Pheasant Super Hair
EP Anadromous Brushes Lead Wire Temple Dog
 EP Fibers Marabou, Strung Thread
Deer Body Hair   Marble Fox   Tinsel 
Diamond Braid   Mayfly Tails   Turkey Feathers
Dubbing Ostrich Plumes Tube Fly Parts
Duck Feathers Ostrich Plumes, Barred Vinyl Rib
Edge Bright Ostrich Plumes, Tip Dyed Wax
Finn Raccoon   Ostrich Mini Spey Plumes   Whiting 100 Packs
Fish Skulls   Peacock Feathers   Wings & Things
Flashy Fibers   Pearl Core Braid   Wire
 Fluoro Fibre   Pro Tubes   Yarns
We Know Fly Tying Materials, because we know fly tying!
For the first five years, all the flies sold at The Fly Fishing Shop in Welches, Oregon were tied in-house. Many were tied by school children who went through school with expendable incomes in their pockets. They learned that disiplin and hard work bring dividens in life. These kids are all grown and have families of their own. Several now own and operate their own businesses.
Nothing teaches you more about fly tying material than tying thousands of flies. The fly tying materials that we stock are hand picked with loving care.
Many of our closes friends are world renowned fly tiers. Many do demos at our store. Guys like Bruce Berry, Charles St. Pierre, Brian Silvey, Brian Kite, Darian Hyde, and may more make regular guest appearances. Check our our: Events Page for the schedule of events.
No one beats our quality at any price!

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