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Cone-Heads, Machined From Brass,
Counter-Bored, Plated

Cone-Heads are like bead-heads in that they provide weight concentrated at the front of the fly.  Cone-Heads are very streamline in the water and aerodynamic to cast.

Item Description Color Price To Top
CH1B Cone Heads 1/4-inch, Size Large Black $4.00
CH1G Cone Heads 1/4-inch, Size Large Gold $4.00
CH1C Cone Heads 1/4-inch, Size Large Copper $4.00
CH1N Cone Heads 1/4-inch, Size Large Nickel $4.00

Cone head tube fly tied by Josh Linn.

HMH Cone Heads For Tubes
A fly that employs a cone head for weight is streamlined and comparatively easy to cast. Usually these flies will sink slightly faster than the fastest sinking fly line.  this is a distinct advantage when fishing for salmon and steelhead holding deep in cold water.  Cone heads are easy to tie with and can be added to a tube fly either before or after the rest of the fly is constructed.  melt the front of a plastic tube so that it swells and  holds

the cone in place.  These "large bore" cones fit over several types of tubing.  They are most often used with Hard Plastic tubes.  Temple Dog style flies take on very seductive actions when front weighted with a heavy cone.  Saltwater squid and minnow imitations also assume "duck & dive" actions when tied with these cones. 
Quantity = 10 per package.

Item Description Size Price To Top
70011 HMH Cone Heads, brass Large
1/8" OD

70021 HMH Cone Heads, black Large
1/8" OD

70031 HMH Cone Heads, nickel Large
1/8" OD

70111 HMH Cone Heads, brass Medium
3/32" OD

70121 HMH Cone Heads, black Medium
3/32" OD

70131 HMH Cone Heads, nickel Medium
3/32" OD

70211 HMH Cone Heads, brass Small
1/16" OD

70221 HMH Cone Heads, black Small
1/16" OD

70231 HMH Cone Heads, nickel Small
1/16" OD

Spirit River Hot Cones, Machined From Brass, Bake-on Enamel Coated
Spirit River's high quality cone heads in a choice of four durable baked-on enamel finishes. Try some on your favorite deep running steelhead or Alaskan patterns.
15 cones per pack.

  Temple Dog by Josh Linn  Prepairing tubes for tying.  Temple Dog by Josh Linn

Item Description Color Price To Top
CONE-906 Spirit River Hot Cone 1/4-inch Orange $6.50

CONE-936 Spirit River Hot Cone 1/4-inch Chartreuse $6.50

CONE-956 Spirit River Hot Cone 1/4-inch Red $6.50

CONE-706 Spirit River Hot Cone 1/4-inch Hot Pink $6.50

Tungsten Cone-Heads
Counter Bored, Plated

The tungsten craze takes on a new shape.  Fifty percent heavier than brass cones of the same size.
Very effective at getting flies down to where the fish live.  Popular for saltwater streamers, steelhead and salmon flies.
Sm - 16/bag,  Med - 14/bag,  Lg. - 12/bag

Item Description Color Price To Top
TCON-683 Tungsten Cones Large Gold $16.50

TCON-682 Tungsten Cones Medium Gold $16.50

TCON-681 Tungsten Cones Small Gold $16.00

TCON-203 Tungsten Cones Large Nickel $10.95

TCON-202 Tungsten Cones Medium Nickel $9.75

TCON-201 Tungsten Cones Small Nickel $9.75

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