Fly Tying: Cone Head Tube Flies

 Fly Tying: Cone Head Tube Flies tying instruction.

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To install a cone head on a on a hard plastic tube you will need a cone that has a hole that fits the tube fairly tight.  Cut your tube to length.  Melt the front end with a propane lighter to swell the end to a diameter larger than the hole in the cone.  This will prevent the cone from slipping of the front of the tube.  As the plastic tubing melts the hole down the center of it will tend to close up.  Insert your tying tool mandrel from the rear of the tube to clear the hole in the front.  Do this while the plastic is still hot and pliable.  To further secure the cone to the tube, turn the tube so that the front is down. Put a drop of  Zap-A-Gap water-proof super glue into the hollow back of the cone.  Let it harden.  After the super glue is set, slide on a 1/2 length of soft hook holder tubing. Lubricate the junction tubing and then slide it on quickly

The Flies Above are prototypes we are experimenting with.
They mimic patterns used in Nordic counties for Atlantic Salmon.
They are very much front end weighted which gives them a very erratic duck and dive action.
They are tied with soft flowing natural hair for wings.
The wings might even work better with marabou.
Liberal amounts of Mylar flash have been added.
Continue to use TMC 105, #4 hook.  Still my favorite.

Shown: small cone, small hard tubing cut to 1" w/ 1/2" hook holder tubing.

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