CDC Suspender Midge

CDC Suspender Midge is a very productive fly for many lakes and rivers.

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Pattern: CDC Suspender Midge
Hook: #14 TMC 2457
Tying Cement: Anglers Corner Water Base Head Cement
Thread: 8/0 black
Tail Gills: white CDC Oiler Puff
Abdomen: tying thread
Rib: Pearl Flashabou
Thorax: Peacock herl
Head Gills: White CDC Oiler Puff
Head Cement: Anglers Corner Water Base Head Cement


Place the hook in the vise.

Start the thread as shown.

.Take a couple of loose wraps around the Oiler Puff. Pull it to the exact length you want it extended past the hook eye.

Wrap it down full length of the hook shank.  Leave the tips for tail gills.  At this point you may want to trim off some of the tips. 

Add a single strand of pearl Flashabou.

Wrap your thread back toward the ey of the hook to form the body of the fly.

Rib with the pearl Flashabou.

Add a thorax of peacock herl.

Finish with head cement.

The Oiler Puff a the head end of the fly will trap enough air to allow the fly to sink slowly in the vertical position.

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