Caddis Larvae Patterns

Caddis Larvae Patterns that you can tie to catch trout.

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Caddis are prolific in all Western trout streams.  All caddis go through a larval stage.  There are several different life styles.  Some build portable houses made from gravel or vegetable matter.  Others build nets.  Still other roam the bottom freely. All types are available as trout food items at certain times. As usual there will be much discussion on how and where to fish these patterns as well as the best tackle to use.


HOOK: TMC 300 or Mustad 79580, #6 to #10
WEIGHT: heavy
THREAD: black 3/0 Monocord
BODY: peacock herl palmered with trimmed brown              hackle then reverse ribbed with copper   
             or brass wire, body should cover 3/4 of              hook shank
THORAX: #1 cream Hare-tron
HEAD: #4 black Hares Ear Plus, picked out to                 simulate legs


Bead Head Green Rock Worm
HOOK: TMC 2487, #12
BEAD: 5/32" gold
THREAD: black
BODY: Caddis Green Hare-tron
RIB: gold oval tinsel
THORAX: peacock herl

Glass Bead Green Caddis Larva
HOOK:  TMC 2487, #12 - #16
BEADS:  green glass
THREAD: brown
BODY: glass beads with tan Hare-tron  
             dubbing between to simulate gills
RIB: none
LEGS:  Partridge
HEAD: brown Hare-tron

Biot Cased Caddis Larva
HOOK:  TMC 5263, #12 - #8
THREAD: black
BODY:  olive, gold, brown & black biots tied to 
               hook with black thread
THORAX: tan Hare-tron
LEGS: black hackle fibers
HEAD: black Hare-tron

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