Basic Nymphs

Basic nymphs that you can tie to catch trout and other game fish.

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 Trout take much of their food below the surface of the water.  Much of this food is in the form of juvenile aquatic insects.  The patterns below replicate many of these food items.  

HOOK: TMC 3761 or Mustad 3906B, #8 -#18
WEIGHT: as desired
THREAD: 6/0 Fly Master to match color of body
TAIL: tuft of course guard hairs from between                     the eyes of hare' mask, should be the                           same color as body
RIB: gold oval tinsel
ABDOMEN: dubbed Hares Ear Plus, can be:                              #1 or #2 natural, #4 black,
                #8 dk. brown, #5 rust, or  #6 olive
WING CASE: dark turkey tail

THORAX: dubbed and picked out Hares Ear Plus

HOOK: TMC 3761 or Mustad 3906B, #10 to #16
WEIGHT: as desired
THREAD: dark brown
TAILS: three moose body hairs, long and                                     divided
RIB: one strand of peacock herl
ABDOMEN: #16 dark brown Hare-tron steeply                      tapered
WING CASE: dark turkey tail
LEGS: tree turns of brown hackle over thorax,                             then trimmed top and bottom
THORAX: peacock herl

*Entire under-body may be saturated with Dave's Flexcement and then flattented with flat nosed pliers to simulate a clinger may fly nymph.


HOOK: TMC 3761 or Mustad 3906B, #12 to #18
WEIGHT: none
TAILS: three pheasant tail fibers
RIB: brass or copper wire, reverse ribbed
ABDOMEN: bundle of pheasant tail fibers tied                         in by the tips and then wound                         forward
WING CASE: pheasant tail fibers pulled forward                        over thorax then divided and pulled    
back along each side to form legs
THORAX: peacock herl


HOOK: TMC 3761 or Mustad 3906B, #8 to #12
WEIGHT: as desired
THREAD: black
TAILS: two brown biots forming a "V"
RIB: #16/18 flat gold tinsel reverse ribbed
BODY: peacock herl
HACKLE: webby brown hackle pulled down as                 beard
WINGS: two white biots forming a "V"


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