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Silk Floss

Flex Floss

Lagartun French Silk Floss
The only silk floss designed and manufactured for fly tying purposes. This is a strong and shiny six strand floss that is superbly color fast. It is a favorite for full dress salmon fly tiers wanting only the highest quality. It lays on smooth, is easily manipulated, and is extremely versatile. The 6 strands can be easily separated into any number of strands to tie any size fly. Eight yards per spool.

Item Description Color Price To Top
LAG38 Lagartun French Silk Floss, Brilliant White   $6.10
LAG47 Lagartun French Silk Floss, Burgundy   $6.10
LAG169 Lagartun French Silk Floss, Green   $6.10
LAG184 Lagartun French Silk Floss, Highlander Green   $6.10
LAG211 Lagartun French Silk Floss, Light Green   $6.10
LAG216 Lagartun French Silk Floss, Lilac   $6.10
LAG263 Lagartun French Silk Floss, Olive   $6.10
LAG298 Lagartun French Silk Floss, Purple   $6.10

Flex Floss
This is a great body and leg material that can be used like floss. Flex Floss looks like dental floss, but the really unique thing is that it is rubber, and it stretches while you wrap it around the hook. Colors are vibrant with lustrous sheen that is highly visible when wet. It also makes great wiggle-leg ribbing or stretch it tight for segmented midge larvae and pupae.

Item Description Color Price To Top
FLXF-001 FLXF-001, Black   $3.00

FLXF-002 Flex Floss, Brown   $3.00

FLXF-030 Flex Floss, Olive   $3.00

FLXF-043 Flex Floss, Insect Green   $3.00

FLXF-090 Flex Floss, Orange   $3.00

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