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Flashabou Angel Hair Krystal Flash
Fluorescent Neon Flashabou Fluorescent Pearl Krystal Flash

All of the flies above are tied with flashy strands of Mylar incorporated into the dressing. Some of flies contain only a couple of strands and others contain more than three whole packages of flash.  Flash is the result of a shiny surface reflecting concentrated light directly at the viewer. Reflective surfaces often pick up all of the colors and shapes around them and under some circumstances tend to become camouflaged. Things that live within the water-column are often reflective.  Things that crawl around on the bottom are usually not reflective. Emerging pupa, baitfish, squid, shrimps and krill are often reflective. Their reflectiveness is meant to camouflage them from things that would prey upon them. Flash is camouflage gone bad.  Flash is betrayal.  That is why flash is incorporated into any fly pattern; to attract a feeding fish.

This is the original Hedron Flashabou in the big long packages, not some shortened up watered down copy-cat Flashabou sold at discount because it wasn't good enough to be sold any other way (you know, the stuff that beginners use). This is the stranded Mylar flash invented by Larry Dalberg.  It started a fly tying revolution, setting industry standards for every metallic flash product! It will not rust in saltwater and maintains almost neutral buoyancy. It is still the best flat strand Mylar available.
FLASHABOU features marabou action for flies and lures. Super strong fiber won't
matte as it swims and flows through the water, beckoning fish. Each package contains hundreds of strands-10" length.

Item Description Color Price To Top
FLA6901 Flashabou, Silver Picture $4.75
FLA6902 Flashabou, Gold Picture $4.75
FLA6905 Flashabou, Pearl Picture $4.75
FLA6906 Flashabou, Copper Picture $4.75
FLA6910 Flashabou, Dark Blue Picture $4.75
FLA6912 Flashabou, Black Picture $4.75
FLA6913 Flashabou, Purple Picture $4.75
FLA6915 Flashabou, Light Blue Picture $4.75
FLA6923 Flashabou, Bull Frog Picture $4.75
FLA6924 Flashabou, Rainbow Picture $4.75
FLA6962 Flashabou, Pearl Chartreuse Picture $5.45
FLA6967 Flashabou, Pearl Orange Picture $5.45
HFL6991 Flashabou, Holographic Silver Picture $5.45
HFL6992 Flashabou, Holographic Gold Picture $5.45
HFL6993 Flashabou, Holographic Blue Picture $5.45
HFL6994 Flashabou, Holographic Green Picture $5.45
HFL6998 Flashabou, Holographic Rainbow Picture $5.45
FLA1605 Saltwater Flashabou, Pearl Picture $5.45

Fluorescent Neon Flashabou
Flies & lures will POP, even in low light and no light conditions with specially
treated FLASHABOU strands! The glow-in-the-dark qualities will most
certainly increase visibility and fish traffic

Item Description Color Price To Top
FLA6950 Neon Flashabou, White Picture $5.50

FLA6951 Neon Flashabou, Pink Picture $5.50

FLA6952 Neon Flashabou, Yellow Picture $5.50

FLA6955 Neon Flashabou, Green Picture $5.50

 Krystal Flash
This twisted Mylar flash material that adds sparkle to your flies. Krystal flash can be tied in at various points of the fly as an attractant. Start with the pearl color and expand from there.

Item Description Color Price To Top
KF1 Krystal Flash, Silver   $4.75

KF2 Krystal Flash, Gold Picture $4.75

KF3 Krystal Flash, Red Picture $4.75

KF4 Krystal Flash, Green Picture $4.75

KF5 Krystal Flash, Royal Blue Picture $4.75

KF147 Krystal Flash, Alaskan Fuschia Picture $4.75

KF7 Krystal Flash, Light Blue Picture $4.75

KF8 Krystal Flash, Copper Picture $4.75

KF9 Krystal Flash, Pearl Picture $4.75

KF10 Krystal Flash, Pink Picture $4.75

KF11 Krystal Flash, Hot Yellow Picture $4.75

KF12 Krystal Flash, Purple Picture $4.75

KF13 Krystal Flash, Mixed Colors Picture $4.75

KF14 Krystal Flash, Pearl Blue Picture $4.75

KF15 Krystal Flash, Black Picture $4.75

KF16 Krystal Flash, Hot Orange Picture $4.75

KF17 Krystal Flash, Peacock Picture $4.75

KF18 Krystal Flash, Lime Green Picture $4.75

KF19 Krystal Flash, Olive Picture $4.75

KF20 Krystal Flash, Smolt Blue Picture $4.75

KF21 Krystal Flash, Gray Ghost Picture $4.75

KF22 Krystal Flash, Dark Purple Picture $4.75

KF23 Krystal Flash, Root Beer Picture $4.75

Fluorescent Pearl Krystal Flash
Make your flies visible from long range in low light conditions by adding Fluorescent Pearl Krystal Flash.
Item Description Color Price To Top
KF01 Fluorescent Pearl Krystal Flash, Orange Picture $4.75

KF02 Fluorescent Pearl Krystal Flash, Cerise Picture $4.75

KF03 Fluorescent Pearl Krystal Flash, Fire Orange Picture $4.75

KF04 Fluorescent Pearl Krystal Flash, Shrimp Pink Picture $4.75

KF05 Fluorescent Pearl Krystal Flash, Chartreuse Picture $4.75

KF06 Fluorescent Pearl Krystal Flash, Yellow Picture $4.75

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