Finn Raccoon Fur

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Finn Raccoon
These patches average a little over two square inches of hide. Guard Furs average 2.5 to 3.5 inches long, which is perfect for tying average size temple dog style tube flies for salmon & steelhead. The bleaching and dying of this Fur is exceptional. The fur is very clean and straight. This product offers very high value at a moderate price. May tiers believe this is a better fur for tying temple dog flies than temple dog fur. Raccoons are native to North America and Finn Raccoon is farm raised.
Finn Raccoon, Pink
Finn Raccoon Stingers
Item Description Color Price To Top
FRZ377 Finn Raccoon Fur, COLOR  White   $7.15
FRZ383 Finn Raccoon Fur, COLOR Yellow   $7.15
FRZ271 Finn Raccoon Fur, COLOR Orange   $7.15
FRZ310 Finn Raccoon Fur, COLOR Red   $7.15
FRZ199 Finn Raccoon Fur, COLOR Kingfisher Blue   $7.15
FRZ298 Finn Raccoon Fur, COLOR Purple   $7.15
FRZ 11 Finn Raccoon Fur, COLOR Black   $7.15
FRZ54  Finn Raccoon Fur, COLOR Fluorescent Chartreuse   $7.15
FRZ289 Finn Raccoon Fur, COLOR Fluorescent Pink   $7.15
FRZ263 Finn Raccoon Fur, COLOR Olive   $7.15
Finn Raccoon Orange
Finn Raccoon Orange
Finn Raccoon Blue

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