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EP Fibers

EP Silky Fibers

EP Fibers

Ep Fibers

Enrico Puglisi Fibers are 10 in length, amazingly translucent, and have an action between MARABOU and BUCKTAIL. They come in 59 different colors and are perfect for imitating large baitfish such as Menhaden, Herring, Mullet and Mackerel as well as 1 to 2 baitfish. Large flies tied with those fibers are a dream to cast up to 90 because the first back cast removes all the water from the fibers. THEY DO NOT ABSORB WATER. Use your imagination and there is no limit to the flies you can create with EP Fibers.
Item Description Color Price To Top
EPA1 EP Fibers, White   $7.95
EPA6 EP Fibers, Tan   $7.95
EPA8 EP Fibers, Brown   $7.95
EPA11 EP Fibers, Pink   $7.95
EPA16 EP Fibers, Red   $7.95
EPA23 EP Fibers, Lt. Yellow   $7.95
EPA25 EP Fibers, Gold   $7.95
EPA31 EP Fibers, Sage   $7.95
EPA38 EP Fibers, Navy Blue   $7.95
EPA40 EP Fibers, Purple   $7.95
EPA41 EP Fibers, Silver Grey   $7.95
EPA42 EP Fibers, Black   $7.95
EPA108 EP Fibers, Light Olive   $7.95
EPA109 EP Fibers, Olive   $7.95
EPA110 EP Fibers, Dark Olive   $7.95

EP Silky Fibers
Puglisi Silky Fibers take the creative fly tier to places as yet unknown because no synthetic fibers have this much life in the water. This soft material glistens and comes alive when immersed in any water.  When used in steelhead flies, Silky Fibers can take the place of fox fur or marabou and is more durable than either one. These 7 inch fibers are died exquisite colors. The dark colors are rich and light absorbent. The bright colors are brighter than any natural fiber. Squid patterns, Scandi Tube Flies and intruders come alive with EP Silky Fibers. EP Silky Fibers

Item Description Color Price To Top
EPC1 EP Silky Fibers, White   $7.95
EPC3 EP Silky Fibers, Tan   $7.95
EPC7 EP Silky Fibers, Red   $7.95
EPC17 EP Silky Fibers, Sky Blue   $7.95
EPC20 EP Silky Fibers, Purple   $7.95
EPC22 EP Silky Fibers, Black   $7.95
EPC23 EP Silky Fibers, Neon Pink   $7.95
EPC24 EP Silky Fibers, Neon Orange   $7.95
EPC25 EP Silky Fibers, Neon Yellow   $7.95
EPC26 EP Silky Fibers, Neon Green   $7.95
EPC27 EP Silky Fibers, Golden Olive   $7.95
EPC30 EP Silky Fibers, Neon Red   $7.95
EPC268 EP Silky Fibers, Olive Minnow   $7.95
EPC278 EP Silky Fibers, Pale Olive   $7.95

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