EP Anadromous Brush

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Donít be deceived by the name. The EP Anadromus Brush not only makes fantastic Salmon and Steelhead flies but also will create outstanding saltwater flies in larger sizes. Just to give you an idea, if you would like to tie a classic Sea Ducer you can palmer it with this brush instead of using hackle. And you can tie flies large enough to attract sharks, barracudas, pike and muskies. Salmon and steelhead love this stuff. You will see the difference. 6 Brushes per pack. 10Ē long
Item Description Color Price To Top
EPJ1 EP Anadromous Brushes, Sky Blue   $8.50
EPJ4 EP Anadromous Brushes, Purple $8.50
EPJ7 EP Anadromous Brushes, Black   $8.50
EPJ9 EP Anadromous Brushes, Fluorescent Orange   $8.50
EPJ340 EP Anadromous Brushes, Shrimp Pink   $8.50

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