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About Dubbing Tools & Dubbing
Dubbing is synthetic or natural fiber that is distributed on the tying thread and then wrapped on the hook to form a specifically shaped body. It is the most popular method for forming bodies on dry flies and nymphs. This is because the body diameter, color, texture and shape can be controlled in minute detail. The tools listed below will make performing dubbing operations quicker, easier and more precise.  Dubbing tools come in a vast array of interesting little gadgets.
Griffin Spinning Loop Tool Dubbing Needles  Renzetti Twister/Teaser
Griffin Dubbing Teaser Dubbit Dubbing Tool Wasatch Dubbing Brush
Griffin Dubbing Twister Ultimate Dubbing Brush Wasatch Dubbing Picker

Renzetti Twister/Teaser  
Constructed of a hexagonal brass handle with a round fine toothed rasp on one end and a small shepherd's crook the other.  Or you can buy a single function tool with either the rasp or the crook.  These tools are used for "spinning-loop dubbing" and the small rasp is used for roughening the texture of the dubbed body.  Works on all sizes of flies.
Close-up of dubbing rasp.
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HT303 Renzetti Dubbing Twister Teaser $10.45
HT304 Renzetti Dubbing Teaser $8.45
HT305 Renzetti Dubbing Twister  $8.45

Griffin Dubbing Teaser  
Constructed of a hexagonal nylon handle and a fine barbed rasp. The dubbing teaser is used to raise the texture of the fly body. The whole body can be roughed up to add translucency and movement or specific areas can be touched with the dubbing teaser to lift out gills or legs for specific silhouettes. Must have.  
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GT16 Griffin Dubbing Teaser $7.40

Griffin Dubbing Twister  
This dubbing twister is a short weighted shepherd's crook. A loop is formed in the tying thread around the shepherd's crook then secured to the fly hook by wrapping back. Dubbing is inserted and distributed inside the thread loop. The tool is then spun and the dubbing is locked into the thread wraps.  The resulting body is very durable. It may be trimmed or teased to exact shape or left as is. Be creative. Fly tying is a form of sculpture.

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GT17 Griffin Dubbing Twister $5.30

Griffin Spinning Loop Tool  
The purpose of this tool is to hold the dubbing thread loop open for the easy placement of hard to handle materials. It then allows easy closure of this loop to keep those materials in place until they are securely spun in the thread. Weighted for easy use, this tool spins marabou, coarse hair and hackle effortlessly. Unique double spring action allows tiers to reopen the tool and add more material. 

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GT34 Griffin Spinning Loop Tool $9.00

Ultimate Dubbing Brush
Designed to be just that, the Ultimate Dubbing Brush has stiff, short nylon bristles that are made to disrupt and train all types of dubbing. It is also a great tool for training and thinning rabit hair to get the maximum wiggle from your Zonkers and Rabbit Matukas.
Ultimate Dubbing Brush
Item Description Price To Top
UDB Ultimate Dubbing Brush $3.55

Dubbit Dubbing Tool  
This creative tool simplifies reinforcing hackle, spinning dubbing and deer hair. Free standing so its easy to find in the table clutter.

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DUBBIT Dubbit Dubbing Tool $14.25

Wasatch Dubbing Brush
This is a typical nylon bristle riffle bore brush, but elegantly held in a cocobolo wood and brass handle.

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4425 Wasatch Dubbing Brush $12.95

Wasatch Dubbing Picker
This Velcro dubbing picker sports a cocobolo wood and brass handle.  Velcro is especially effective at roughing up dubbed bodies for a life-like appearance.

Item Description Price To Top
4426 Wasatch Dubbing Picker $8.95

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