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Chenilles are made by laying fibers at right angle between two threads and then twisting the threads so that the fibers radiate from the central twisted rope like core.   The perpendicular fibers form a cylindrical fuzzy rope.  This rope can be wound onto a hook shank to make a bulky fuzzy body.  The cross fibers can be of many textures, colors and diameters.  The most popular chenilles incorporate fine fibers made from nylon.  They are soft to the touch and com in many colors.  Other chenilles incorporate cross fibers that are made from mylar in both reflective and pearlescent finishes.  All though chenilles are very durable when tied into a body and secured by thread, they are somewhat fragile to work with as they tend to unwind.   Ultra chenilles are more durable to work with since they are made by lifting fibers from a solid monofilament.  They are however harder to tie in without adding bulk since they don't have a fine core which can be stripped of bulk.

Chenille, Fine Chenille, Variegated Polar Chenille
Chenille, Medium Estaz Tinsel Chenille
Chenille, Large Magic Dub Ultra Chenille, Standard
Antron Trilobal Chenille Ice Dub Chenille Ultra Chenille, Micro

Chenille, Fine
Used for small nymphs, wooly buggers & dry flies.  3 yard card.                             
Item Description Color Price To Top
CHF11 Fine Chenille, Black   $3.00
CHF40 Fine Chenille, Brown   $3.00
CHF87 Fine Chenille, Dark Brown   $3.00
CHF95 Fine Chenille, Dark Olive   $3.00
CHF212 Fine Chenille, Light Olive   $3.00
CHF298 Fine Chenille, Purple   $3.00
CHF310 Fine Chenille, Red   $3.00
CHF377 Fine Chenille, White   $3.00
CHF383 Fine Chenille, Yellow   $3.00

Chenille, Medium
The all around most used size for steelhead flies, nymphs and wooly buggers.  
3 yard card.                                                                                                           

Item Description Color Price To Top
CHM11 Medium Chenille, Black   $3.00
CHM40 Medium Chenille, Brown   $3.00
CHM66 Medium Chenille, Coffee   $3.00
CHM87 Medium Chenille, Dark Brown   $3.00
CHM95 Medium Chenille, Dark Olive   $3.00
CHM129 Medium Chenille, Fl. Fire Orange   $3.50
CHM132 Medium Chenille, Fl. Green   $3.50
CHM136 Medium Chenille, Fl. Neon Red   $3.50
CHM137 Medium Chenille, Fl. Orange   $3.50
CHM140 Medium Chenille, Fl. Shrimp Pink   $3.50
CHM142 Medium Chenille, Fl. Yellow   $3.50
CHM149 Medium Chenille, Ginger   $3.00
CHM210 Medium Chenille, Light gray   $3.00
CHM212 Medium Chenille, Light Olive   $3.00
CHM271 Medium Chenille, Orange   $3.00
CHM289 Medium Chenille, Pink   $3.00
CHM298 Medium Chenille, Purple   $3.00
CHM310 Medium Chenille, Red   $3.00
CHM369 Medium Chenille, Tan   $3.00
CHM383 Medium Chenille, Yellow   $3.00

Chenille, Large
Used for extra large steelhead, bass and saltwater flies.  3 yard card.                       

Item Description Color Price To Top
CHL11 Large Chenille, Black   $3.00
CHL40 Large Chenille, Brown   $3.00
CHL95 Large Chenille, Dark Olive   $3.00
CHL298 Large Chenille, Purple   $3.00
CHL310 Large Chenille, Red   $3.00
CHL377 Large Chenille, White   $3.00

Large Trilobal Antron Chenille
This large diameter, all nylon  chenille can be shaped with a flame for wormy looking bodies or wound on a hook for more conventional looking flies.  Check out the pink steelhead worm below which is nothing more than Antron Chenille, cone-head & hook.  3 yards per bag.                 
Vibrant strike producing colors.
High visibility sparkle.
Soft squishy feel.
Item Description Color Price To Top
ACL11 Large Trilobal Antron Chenille,

ACL127 Large Trilobal Antron Chenille, Fl Chartreuse   $2.75

ACL129 Large Trilobal Antron Chenille, Fl Fire Orange   $2.75

ACL133 Large Trilobal Antron Chenille, Fl Pink   $2.75

ACL187 Large Trilobal Antron Chenille, Hot Orange   $2.75

ACL323 Large Trilobal Antron Chenille,
Rusty Brown

ACL271 Large Trilobal Antron Chenille,

ACL298 Large Trilobal Antron Chenille,

ACL310 Large Trilobal Antron Chenille,

Chenille, Variegated
The alternating 1/8" wide bands of contrasting colors will give your flies a brindled buggy effect.  3 yard card.
Item Description Color Price To Top
VC11 Medium Chenille Variegated,  Black/Brown $3.50
VC12 Medium Chenille Variegated,  Black/Coffee $3.50
VC13 Medium Chenille Variegated,  Black/Olive $3.50
VC17 Medium Chenille Variegated,  Black/Yellow $3.50
VC43 Medium Chenille Variegated,  Brown/Yellow $3.50
VC97 Medium Chenille Variegated, Dark Olive/Yellow $3.50
VC265 Medium Chenille Variegated, Dark Olive/Brown $3.50

This is a very large chenille made from curly strands of opalescent Mylar.  Very popular for steelhead, bass and saltwater flies.  2 yard card.

Item Description Color Price To Top
83302 Estaz, Opal Chartreuse $3.50
83305 Estaz, Opal Kelly Green $3.50

83307 Estaz, Opal Olive   $3.50
83308 Estaz, Opal Pearl $3.50
83309 Estaz, Opal Purple $3.50
83313 Estaz, Opal Pink $3.50
83301 Estaz, Opal Black $3.50

Ice Dub Chenille
This medium diameter chenille is made from Ice Dubbing and translucent Antron fibers mixed together.  It is very popular for steelhead, saltwater and lake flies.  3 yard card.       

Item Description Color Price To Top
IDC11 Ice Dub Chenille, Black   $3.95
IDC40 Ice Dub Chenille, Brown   $3.95
IDC54 Ice Dub Chenille, Chartreuse   $3.95
IDC212 Ice Dub Chenille, Light Olive   $3.95
IDC263 Ice Dub Chenille, Olive   $3.95
IDC271 Ice Dub Chenille, Orange   $3.95
IDC282 Ice Dub Chenille, Peacock   $3.95
IDC298 Ice Dub Chenille, Purple   $3.95
IDC310 Ice Dub Chenille, Red   $3.95
IDC343 Ice Dub Chenille, Shrimp Pink   $3.95
IDC369 Ice Dub Chenille, tan   $3.95
IDC377 Ice Dub Chenille, Pearly White   $3.95

Tinsel Chenille
This medium diameter chenille is made from reflective mylar and is very popular for streamer bodies.  3 yard card.                                                                                              

Item Description Color Price To Top
STPC11 Medium Tinsel Chenille, Black   $4.20

STPC137 Medium Tinsel Chenille, Fl. Orange   $4.20

STPC153 Medium Tinsel Chenille, Gold   $4.20

STPC263 Medium Tinsel Chenille, Olive   $4.20

STPC284 Medium Tinsel Chenille, Pearl   $4.20

STPC298 Medium Tinsel Chenille, Purple   $4.20

STPC310 Medium Tinsel Chenille, Red   $4.20

STPC344 Medium Tinsel Chenille, Silver   $4.20

Ultra Chenille, Standard
This remarkably adaptable material looks much like regular chenille but is much denser and of a   more uniform diameter. Regular chenille is made from fibers that are spun between two stout threads. It may be unraveled. Ultra chenille is made by raising the nap from a monofilament core.
It is all one piece of material and will not unravel. It tapers easily with an open flame. It is the ultimate material from which to construct size #12 and #14 extended body caddis and midge pupa such as Smith's Emergent/Diving Caddis and Palomino Midge Pupa. It also is the best material for tying San Juan Worms and is easily colored with felt markers.  3 yard card.

Item Description Color Price To Top
UCS11 Standard Ultra Chenille, Black   $2.60
UCS40 Standard Ultra Chenille, Brown   $2.60
UCS49 Standard Ultra Chenille, Caddis Green   $2.60
UCS95 Standard Ultra Chenille, Dark Olive   $2.60

UCS137 Standard Ultra Chenille, Fl. Orange   $2.60
UCS138 Standard Ultra Chenille, Fl. Pink   $2.60
UCS139 Standard Ultra Chenille, Fl. Red   $2.60
UCS263 Standard Ultra Chenille, Olive   $2.60
UCS298 Standard Ultra Chenille, Purple   $2.60
UCS310 Standard Ultra Chenille, Red   $2.60
UCS369 Standard Ultra Chenille, Tan   $2.60
UCS377 Standard Ultra Chenille, White   $2.60

Ultra Chenille, Micro
Same as standard diameter Ultra Chenille but is better for #18 and #20 extended body caddis and midge pupa.  3 yard card.                                                                                

Item Description Color Price To Top
UCM11 Micro Ultra Chenille, Black   $2.60
UCM40 Micro Ultra Chenille, Brown   $2.60
UCM49 Micro Ultra Chenille, Caddis Green   $2.60
UCM95 Micro Ultra Chenille, Dark Olive   $2.60
UCM127 Micro Ultra Chenille, Fl Chartreuse   $2.60
UCM263 Micro Ultra Chenille, Olive   $2.60
UCM310 Micro Ultra Chenille, Red   $2.60
UCM369 Micro Ultra Chenille, Tan   $2.60

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