Polar Chenille

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Polar Chenille
This is very clever material. It can be used to take the place of fur, marabou and spey hackle to name just a few of the possible applications. It is much stronger and more durable than most organic materials.  It's most popular use is for body material where it can replace both dubbing and hackle for flies such as wooly buggers. When used as a rib over a normal steelhead fly, it becomes very durable flashy spey hackle. Applications for saltwater flies are equally dynamic. Wraps of Polar Chenille can mimic a variety of natural phenomena such as fish bodies and shrimp feelers and legs.

Item Description Color Price To Top
PC2 Polar Chenille, Amber   $3.90
PC11 Polar Chenille, Black   $3.90
PC40 Polar Chenille, Brown   $3.90
PC54 Polar Chenille, Chartreuse   $3.90
PC63 Polar Chenille, Claret   $3.90
PC65 Polar Chenille, Clear   $3.90
PC125 Polar Chenille, Fluorescent Blue   $3.90
PC147 Polar Chenille, Fuchsia   $3.90
PC187 Polar Chenille, Hot Orange   $3.90
PC188 Polar Chenille, Hot Pink   $3.90
PC214 Polar Chenille, Light Pink   $3.90
PC263 Polar Chenille, Olive   $3.90
PC265 Polar Chenille, Olive Brown   $3.90
PC298 Polar Chenille, Purple   $3.90
PC310 Polar Chenille, Red   $3.90

PC383 Polar Chenille, Yellow   $3.90

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