Calf Tails

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Calf Tails   Calf Body Hair

Calf Tails
This crinkled solid hair is translucent when wet and is very popular for steelhead fly wings.  Because of the crinkled texture, calf tail has the ability to trap air between the fibers and is excellent winging material for large dry flies.

Item Description Color Price To Top
CT11 Calf Tail, Black   $5.00
CT54 Calf Tail, Chartreuse   $5.00
CT125 Calf Tail, Fluorescent Blue   $5.00
CT137 Calf Tail, Fluorescent Orange   $5.00
CT142 Calf Tail, Fluorescent Yellow   $5.00
CT187 Calf Tail, Hot Orange   $5.00
CT188 Calf Tail, Hot Pink   $5.00
CT214 Calf Tail, Light Pink   $5.00
CT229 Calf Tail, Medium Dun   $5.00
CT263 Calf Tail, Olive   $5.00
CT298 Calf Tail, Purple   $5.00
CT310 Calf Tail, Red   $5.00
CT320 Calf Tail, Rootbeer   $5.00
CT339 Calf Tail, Seal Brown   $5.00
CT369 Calf Tail, Tan   $5.00
CT377 Calf Tail, White   $5.00
CT383 Calf Tail, Yellow   $5.00

Calf Body Hair
This soft, straight, fine, tapered, solid hair is from young calves.  It averages about 1" long and is perfect for parachute post and Wulff wings.

Item Description   Price To Top
CBH377 Calf Body Hair, Bleached White   $3.50

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